Storm Large, Bigger Than Life

As my step-daughter was heading into junior high, or perhaps high school, I wanted to share with her female positive and strong artists. Whose was the first name to mind for me? It was simple for me, Storm Large.

I had first caught Storm Large and the Balls at a what I think was a Mark and Brian appearance on the Portland waterfront some twenty years ago or so. [Storm if you happen to know that date or year, please message me on twitter @pissed0ffpirate (a zero not an O) as I have been trying to break that puzzle]. Sadly I have not been able to manage seeing her in person since that day.

I did not have a great position in the crowd, which in the end I think it was best. I got to let her vocal power and sense of humor win me over before her beauty did. In the years that I have been following her, Storm’s talents continue to evolve and expand. She has performed in many ways, other than song (in three languages). She has written a memoir which shares the title form one of her albums, Crazy Enough. She has graced the stage as an actress in a Portland Oregon production of Cabaret, competed in the musical contest Rockstar Supernova, and she proudly participates in the political process.

Storm has written lyrics that enable women to have their power. Everything that I have seen from her is open (some would blush or be off put by her blunt and honest language) I have a few samples with link to the full lyrics at the end of this page. When it comes to her range, she can do the more gritty rock and follow it up with something sultry and breathy. The next thing you know she is performing a classic rock song with Spanish verses, or a wonderfully seductive song (with sad lyrics when translated) with French. There was a performance at Joe’s Pub in NYC, that embodies not only Storm’s sense of humor and stage presence, but vocal talents as she skillfully pulls off Freddy Mercury’s “Somebody to Love”. You will find the video at the end of this page.

I have no doubt that there will be more to be seen and heard from this woman. I follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and have a Pandora channel for her work. It seems like her resistance of falling into a genre is fed by her ADD. I think it benefits the fans by our getting to hear such a wide variety of style and showcasing her range.

She has gone from being a local (okay, a transplant but for long enough that I feel honorary nativity is appropriate) celebrity to roaming the world sharing her talents, thoughts, and humor. She has performed with greats, and on the best venues that this world has to offer. I would love to hear what goals that she still has in mind. Of course, those goals would not be pipe dreams for this determined and driven women.

Go see for yourself! There is quite a bit of great content on YouTube, showing not just her singing/performing abilities, but her TEDxPortland appearance. It was brilliantly funny and thought provoking. I have placed a link below for your convenience. I have watched hours of content with interviews and performances. Each one brings new thoughts and observations. I can only imagine that her partner has their hands full keeping up with her creativity and desires to suck the marrow of life day in and day out.

Read her lyrics, they are often intimate, real, and deep. For  great example, read A Woman’s Heart.

Given the opportunity to ask questions of Storm, I think that they would be:

  1. What goals DO you have for the future
  2. Which song would you say embodies your essence best?
  3. Who do you find personally inspiring?
  4. Who are you most proud to have shared the stage with?

Ms. Large, it is with great respect that I place you on the PissedOffPirate Wall of Honor as the first performer.


Samples of her work
Hey, what the fuck is ladylike
If ladies like to do what the fuck they like
Just like you, yeah. Just like you.
Look out man here comes another one

Well I’m so sorry about your wife
She’s up and off and running
Going on with her own life
I’m not tryin’ to fight you,
I’m just tryin’ to live my life and
Not go off the deep end.
Well I’ve come a long way just to spite you
And I’ll go for a million miles.
But now you wanna be my friend.
Oh, it’s a fat chick’s revenge.

TEDxPortland 2011

If you enjoy Twitter, follow her and see for yourself @Stormof69 is not only the girl next door, but an elegant and beautiful woman, or the filthy mouthed humorist that you need on that day that you are down.

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  1. I have been listening to Storm's tracks and Youtube videos for 6-8 hours per shift while on graveyard. While there is much that is slower than my normal tempo, I am caught in the siren's call. The depth and beauty keeps me listening. I am pretty convinced if I were to load her discography, I could be pretty well set for days.

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