Patriot Guard Riders

There is a group of wonderful people that fully deserve recognition, the Patriot Guard Riders.
They were formed in response to the protesting of military funerals by the Westboro Baptist “Church”.
Family members of our fallen heroes may request the Patriot Guard Riders to escort their loved ones during their journey to rest.
With so many troops in harms way, there are too many missions being run the the Riders. I have had the pleasure of doing traffic control at a couple Memorial Day ceremonies where the Riders had come to pay their respects. I intend on joining them when I get a bike.

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  1. Stardancer says:

    PGR… Facebook = Catheryn Anne Kosta

  2. Stardancer says:

    QMapd and Robert Underwood are my friends… now you know where I have been… I am not a bad guy~~~~

  3. Stardancer says:

    Perhaps before you shove me under a rock, you should know who my homeys are~~~~

  4. Stardancer says:

    Don't patronize me… You have no idea where I have been… Peace out!

  5. Eyes_Open says:

    I'm not an official member, but I have rode with them a couple of times. These guys are due much respect for what they are doing.

  6. GigakaFlathead says:

    I'm a Senior Ride Capt with the Patriot Guard and Appreciate your positive comments about us.It is truly unfortunate that there is a need for what we do. It is our honor to do it. I think I can speak for All PGR that we would be doing this even if there wernt any protesters trying to disrupt a funeral.The respect should be shown to those that have served this GREAT country when we needed them. I Thank You

    Some of the best coversations I ever had were with someone that had a diferent opinion than I

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