Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is on the Wall of Honor due to his passion for our kid’s health.

His Food Revolution brings so much to light… Stuff that we as parents (or just people) just do not want to know happens in food.

Were you aware of “pink slime”?

Were you aware that the average child consumes two gallons of sugar each year just from flavored milk with their school lunch?

We all know that schools are faced with horrible budgets, but is that an excuse to push so much fat and sugar down these kid’s necks? Is it really right to have fast food in the schools? Why are there vending machines that are accessible to the students?

We are supposed to be educating these young people. We take good care of our kids, then send them to school.

The schools are cutting physical education heavily, making it expensive for them to be on sports. Heck my stepson played soccer this year and they would be transported TO the event but not from the event. Seemed kind of odd to m.


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  1. I worry about what will happen to my granddaughter when she gets into school next year. She can't have any dairy products and the schools push the flavored milk. Hard to keep a kid from saying yes to chocolate!

    I'd rather see them cut the flavored milk and add a soy milk choice. Lots and lots of students are lactose intolerant now.

    1. Considering that we are not meant to consume bovine milk… so much of the population being lactose intolerant shouldn't be too much of a surprise to us. We are to have human milk for a while, then we get weaned.

  2. There is a new addition to this story…

    It looks like the last hold out of pink slime users (McDonalds) has come back to the consumer side.
    They are no longer using it.
    Pink slime is still approved by the USDA, but no major names are using it.

    1. What amazed me is that the gross concoction was USDA and FDA approved for consumption! Ammonia and misc. animal parts… Yeah, that's what I want my kid eating!!!!

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