Terry Ryan – Bass
Tony Sibbet – Drums
Roger Williams – Rhythm guitar
Justin Merritt – Lead guitar
Deborah Fletcher – Driving Vocals

When I was first seeing the fliers for Livewire, I was concerened. How could a female lead handle the ranges of Briam Johnson or Bon Scott? Well, she does it well. The goal after all is to give the fans a great night of fun and music. It is not to perfectly mimic the vocal performances of AC/DC. I found myself enjoying the music and vocals very much.

Deborah is a fun person to talk to. After the show we wer talking in the parking lot and I was telling her that she has the range to do a great Janic Joplin. (We have to work on the band to pick that music up for the sets where they are not doing AC/DC/). So we stood in dark by there van singing Mercedes Benz, until she told me to do the singing, since she had spent the last two hours on stage… Well I don’t sing as well as she does. In fact at that moment, all the years of singing it with my mother, and on my own, the verses vanished form my mind.

I have also enjoyed hanging out with Bassist Terry Ryan, he is laid back and very easy going. I still have to talk to the other band memebers more, but I will be seeing them when they return to the Back Ally.

If you have the opportunity and like AC/DC, I suggest that you drop a few bucks at the door, grab a drink and hold on for a wonderful ride.

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