Krotch Rockit

We had Krotch Rockit in the bar Saturday night.

I had a blast, the music was quite good and the band was quite interactive with the audience.

They really did seem to be driven by the audience response It was not one of those nights where you just hear them playing the music and acting their parts.

The lead singer is quite tall with that pretty boy appearance. His spandex might need to be one size bigger as he seems to need to adjust them often. The last outfit looked like he was getting ready for the bobsled course, but he is a talented singer.

He was able to pull off a very wide variety of 80’s artists so it did not sound too forced.

We did have a treat, they had a guest drummer for part of the night.  James Kottak was with them.

James Kottack is the drummer for The Scorpions and it very personable. He was quite approachable and friendly with those around him. I did not ever see him tire of those who wanted to talk.  It looks like The Scorpions are about to start their new tour in Europe.  I have no idea what brought him to Vancouver, let alone to the Back Alley, but it was a pleasure to meet him. (Yes, I did get one of the drum sticks, and it is signed. (gotta get a sharpie))

Bottom line, if you see Krotch Rockit is going to be playing in your favorite bar, pay the cover and enjoy the show.

2 thoughts on “Krotch Rockit”

    1. I am very glad that you did.
      He was a pleasure to meet.
      Then again, I have only had a handful of band members in the bar that were douche bags.
      I was really wishing for a sharpie for a better autograph on the stick, as I know that it is likely a once in a lifetime event.

      I do hope that you enjoyed playing the Back Alley. We have a pretty friendly set of regulars.
      They do seem to draw some lines in the sand as to what they like.

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