Erotic City

Erotic City is a Prince tribute band.

I went to the bar last night specifically to give this band another listen.

I had seen them for the first time about eight or nine months ago. At the time I caught them early in their set and was not impressed with them. Last week I was talking with the owner of the bar and was expressing my experience and surprise that they were coming back. Her opinion of the band was almost a polar opposite of mine. Since I respect her opinions, I had to go listen again and see if I had missed something the first time around…


It appears that either their changes in the band or it was just a bad night as last night my experience was totally different.


The band is musically superior to most bands that we have had. They are able to capture the sounds of Prince as well as Morris Day and the Time, very well. They also, where appropriate add a certain level of funk that makes the music more rich.

They have a stage presence and wardrobe that brings the tribute to life. The only thing that they are missing is the special white guitar.ร‚ย The set list is put together in a way that the hits are blended in with the less known (at least to me) songs in a wonderful way that does allow for a nice experience.


While Erotic City’s Darlin’ Nikki was good, I have to say that my favorite rendition is Doug’s. When he is up for karaoke, I always hope that he is going to do Darlin’ Nikki as he drops a certain power and blues flavor that I enjoy it as well as the original.


Anyway back to Erotic City, I will be glad to see them hit our stage again. I have admitted my change of heart to the bar owner, to my friends, the band and now the world. I had to set the record straight and Dandalion was there as a witness, she really seemed to enjoy her evening as well. The house did not have the audience that I was expecting, I hope that this experience will not keep Erotic City from coming back to the Back Alley, I want to pull more people in to experience their efforts to pay tribute to the works of Prince and the Revolution. So if you like Prince, and are up to have a good time, swing in and enjoy yourself.


15 thoughts on “Erotic City”

  1. This review is up for reconsideration.
    Perhaps the views were tainted by the late arrival.
    This band is coming back to the bar and the owner feels that this is the best band to play the bar.
    Out of my respect for her, I am going to go give them another listen.

            1. Yeah, you wear that Raspberry Beret while I drive my Little Red Corvette with the top down while we avoid the Purple Rain, Just as Long as We’re Together. That does bring a question to mind, Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? You know I have a Dirty Mind. You know Bambi, I have been uptown, in Paisley Park getting Delirious as I express my Sexuality. If I say Do Me, Baby I mean Do it All Night Long.
              You know, I Would Die 4 U, When Doves Cry in the Mountains. Then again, I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man, since I heard you like to leave them Soft and Wet.
              Don’t you hate it when you are happy doing the Batdance, when some ass decides to do the Glam Slam cuz he thinks he is the Partyman. How Scandalous!

        1. We will be at a wedding, bummer!

          I used to listen to a band, when I was younger who did a LOT of Prince tunes, Raspberry Beret and little red corvette being two of my favorites…

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