Drop Dead Legs

Again we have a band with a female lead to tackle the task of a dynamic male role.

Kim is very funny, she is able to get the audience wrapped up into her tales.

The band has a great mastery of the music and showmanship.

This is the first band to acknowledge me from the door. I was taken off guard. Kim brought someone up on stage for part of the act. Later on I was concerned as he went back to onto the stage, but she was able to keep him controlled and I did not have to take any action other than to make sure she was okay with him.

After their second break, many people left and missed that last set. They dropped the Van Halen personae and started doing all kinds of 80’s rock. Deb and Terry from Livewire showed up  and ended up playing with the band on some AC/DC songs. Deb and Terry are always a joy.

I wonder if any of Drop Dead Legs will show up for the show when Livewire plays on Oct 8th.

This is another band that I will happily go to see when they return.

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