Deaf Leppard

We went to the bar tonight to check out Deaf Leppard and Shotgun Overdose.

I am not able to review Shotgun Overdose at this time and here is why.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kevin from Motorbreath was playing for Deaf Leppard.
There was a pretty good crowd int he house and the buzz was good.
Dan Bates of Maiden NW was Hanging out, as was Mark form Motorbreath (no shock since Kevin was playing). There were other musicians there, but I do not recall which of the many bands that we have had, that they were part of.

Deaf Leppard needs to take their sound board guy out back and beat him until he gains an understanding of what the mixing board is supposed to do.
The bass was so overpowering that the band sounded better outside in the smoking area than it did inside the bar.
Their stage presence was good. The music was being played well and I … THINK that their lead singer was pulling off the Def Leppard sound, but I could not be sure based on the mud that was coming out of the amps.

Next time that Deaf Leppard plays the bar, I will try them again just to see if they have resolved their issues.
At this time I can not recommend them. I am hopeful though.

No drumstick for me.

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