The Back Alley. . .

So are you in the Vancouver WA area and looking for someplace to go or something to do? Consider the Back Alley Bar and Grill.
6503 E Mill Plain Blvd.Vancouver WA 98661

We have six pool tables, and they are free to play on Sundays.

There are screens all around with sports to keep up with your favorite teams.

This is the place that Griz calls home for his fun n games.
If you come for a visit, tell the bartender I sent you.

13 thoughts on “The Back Alley. . .”

  1. Well I sat through another visit by Love Drive… oh joy.
    At least I had good company, I had Vicki and Tyger with me.

    HOWEVER, VooDoo Cirkus is returning on November 5th (Move Your Money Day).
    This will be the first time that Vicki gets to see them. They always play when she has to work the next morning.

    That show is as much on stage as it is in the audience.

    1. I take it this is the place?

      Hey, what happened to the stagger in the threads? This uniform vertical posting makes it hard to follow a thread and to know who is responding to whom.

          1. I am seeing if it works better without the offset, since some of those threads are getting really skinny.I will also be looking to ID to see if I can make the offset a lesser distance so we can get more levels before they get too narrow.

  2. Tomorrow night we will have Shotgun Overdose.
    They are a Def Leppard tribute band.

    As usual, the band is getting $5 at the door.
    No I am not working it, unless something changes at the last minute.
    I will however be there for a bit.

    For some reason I do not have a review of this band, but I am sure that I have seen them before.. I guess I will have to listen and watch carefully for a while.

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