Supporting the crew

To shop the site, just click the banner.

Not sure if it will cover the cost of the site, but we will see if it does SOMETHING.

If there is something that you want added to the list, let me know and I will ad the link.

10 thoughts on “Supporting the crew”

    1. I have to rebuild the store…I had it all set up, but when I moved the site to the current server I did not put it all back together.So far I have not had a sale, it is not a click through. It is a commission on the sales through the link.

      1. Are there PoP-related items for sale via Amazon?! If you're selling … um, cat toys, I'm interested. What was the distance on the remote control? I hope it comes with a pirate emblem…

        1. Hmm… I suppose I could look into developing another website, my employer would not appreciate THAT site, nor would Google permit AdSense.Remember I had to pull the shitlist from the open?When I built the “bookstore” the focus was on books that were banned.I may have to do some market research.The logo would likely be the Griz logo.

                  1. No, I was complementing his breakfast skills. I didn't realize it was just a toaster wired to a dildo. Doesn't quite count as a blast-off, when the pop-tarts are done. LOL

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