Westboro Baptist “Church”

Westboro Baptist Church

Oh my hackles have been raised again! We have a church, protesting military funerals… This is like several cattle prods coming at me. I cannot express my anger well enough in words. I feel; disgust, enraged, exasperated, maddened, provoked, and riled.

To actively protest a soldier’s funeral is an extremely low act. I respect that the “church” has the right to have an opinion and that they can protest to their hearts content. But I think it should be done from the pulpit, or in print, not in the immediate vicinity of the funeral services, procession, or graveside.

I think that the protesting of a funeral falls under fighting words and is NOT protected speech. These misguided  pieces of shit are the reason that the Patriot Guard Riders were formed. (I need to place the PGR on the Wall of Honor when I am done with this page) They can have their opinions of why our soldiers are dying in this awful war, but it does not make them correct. When they attack the families of my fallen brothers and sisters in service, they are attacking me. They should (and perhaps I should as well) be thankful that this is not happening in my presence. I myself would end up going to jail or even prison for my response to their ill behavior.

When we are dealing with funerals (anyone’s funerals) they are already emotionally charged. This is not a gay rights issue. The soldier has NOTHING to do with gays being in the military. That decision is well above their pay grade! If God has a problem with it, it is not up to you, me, or any church to essentially desecrate the memorial services etc to make the point. It is a breach of the peace and the scum should be arrested.

Pastor Fred Phelps is a disgrace to the cloth and my own beliefs prevent me from being able to fully describe what I would like God to do to you. (Be thankful, because it is quite graphic and painful) Your misguided protests are an abomination to the word of God! Whether you are against gays in the military or not, you do not cause the families and loved ones of our fallen to suffer further pain.

Since the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case on funeral privacy rights, I think we may see some action.

The “church” is now resorting to protesting High Schools! On June 1st they are protesting Grant High School in Portland Oregon as the kids will be arriving to the school. Later in the day they are moving to Heritage High School in Vancouver Washington.  My hope is that the public outcry is enormous as the attendance of counter-protestors should be as well.

Let’s just review who this “church” hates:


Fred Rogers (Yep, Mister Rogers from our youth)

Corretta Scott King

Jerry Falwell

U.S. Military members

Latter Day Saints – “. . . America’s own whoremonger and pedophile wangled his own hokey Book of Mormon!”



Michael Jackson

Judaism- Jews killed Christ

Reformed Judaism – Jews killed Christ

Israel – Jews killed Christ

President Barack Obama – for being the Antichrist

China – for being impudent and ungrateful communists

Santa Claus – “Santa Claus will take you to hell. . . “

The Academy Awards – Milk was nominated for an award and it was about a gay man.

The Roman Catholic Church – “Satanic frauds preaching Arminian  lies.”

Methodists – Soft on sin

Presbyterians – Soft on sin

Lutherans – Soft on sin

Episcopalians – Soft on sin

Baptists (the main branch that they affiliate themselves with!) – Soft on sin

Orthodox Christians – Idolatry, like Catholicism

Islam – “Mohammed was a demon-possessed whoremonger and pedophile who contrived a 300-page work of Satanic fiction”

Hinduism – Idolatry and “fag-enablers” [for the record I am not gay, but that usage of the word drags across my nerves]

African Americans (might be limited to individuals, not the entire population)

Neo-Nazis – “The only true Nazis in this world are fags.”

KKK –  “Scripture doesn’t support racism” [while I do not like the KKK, I respect that they have their own views, I just want them to stay legal.]

Italy – “God REALLY hates Italy.” They are “mobster-breeding perverts”

Ireland – “about 10% of the population of Ireland are fags or dykes, the other 90% are most assuredly their soul-condemning enablers”.

Senator David Norris – an activist for gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transsexual issues.

Maybe it would have been easier for me to list who they LIKE.

Wherever you encounter their protests, please take the time to stand to resist them.

Do not let them think that they are right.

If the issue that they are protesting mirrors your own feelings, it is okay to exercise your rights.

Those of us in society hope that you will choose to do so with some common sense, not like a pack of loons.

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        1. 'Cuz it doesn't satisfy their bloodlust for Christians and it would defuse what they use for an excuse for their anti-Christian bigotry. Are you paying attention at all? :o)

    1. I saw that article, but you guys have had me so busy in here that I have not been able to add to the page.
      I am very deeply disturbed that they have chosen that venue to "protest".

      They must be running low on the revenue that they generate by filing lawsuits against those that lose their temper and cross the legal lines.

      Had I been single with nobody counting on my when I went to one of their 'protests" it is very possible that I would have reduced their numbers. Since I have a kind and loving God, I would have repented afterwards and moved on.

        1. Thanx. Their ideology is neither Baptist nor Christian however I can understand why many people would be confused. Between the right wing crap and the left wing crap, one can easily use each others crap to build an entire ideology painting each other with crap.

          You can call them whatever you would like although I think you would need to save your best comments for the Asylum that Griz was kind enough to set up. LOL

          1. I do appreciate the referral to the asylum.
            The whole WBC thing has been quite challenging.
            One on side, I served so that they could practice what they like, but my humanity gnashes over the crap that they pull.
            I would just as soon sin and repent later just to put us all out of the misery that they cause.

            If the discussion can be kept rational, it can continue here.
            It just needs to be more restrained.

      1. The discussion you wanted, on world views. We have a forum for that now.

        on this site go to
        Asylum/ comparative

        I have to go do some business now, see ya'll tomorrow.

        1. Yup. Griz and friends have been really kind to us outsiders and it is greatly appreciated. Now I have to dig through my references to see if I can present a coherent argument. Sounds like fun!

          Have a great day, see y'all mañana.

            1. He does seem to follow you guys around a lot. Roger and I got into a debate about religion a little while back, but I finally had to walk away because he was a moving target. He never really comes clean with things and seems to always hold back. It's like he is hiding something.

              1. That he does. Basically he uses circular logic when debating religion and has issues with using context in any discussion. He has taken the old adage, either you're with me or against me, to a level that I have rarely seen except by those on the fringes of both the left and the right.

                Oh well, he has found a place that he can trash everyone all he wants, as long as he keeps the trash in the Asylum. Griz definitely has a sense of humor. 😀

                1. At least until Griz determines that he has had enough and escorts Roger (and whoever else) to the door.
                  I am watching the behaviors to see who appears worthy of salvage out of this mess.
                  Most appear quite respectful and I look forward to engaging in debate.
                  I am glad that you appreciate that I have a sense of humor, hopefully, it takes directions that you enjoy.
                  Time will tell.

  1. Deflection and attacks seem to be his MO. He wasn't like that about a year ago. Something has definately changed in his life during the past year or so. I have asked him if he is alright, but he tells me to butt out of his personal life. I think he is going through some personal issues (like his wife or girlfriend left him). Also, there is no way he has a job. He spends WAY too much time commenting to maintain a job. I am online a lot and have to frequently ban myself because it conflicts with my job.

    I do mean this sincerely, I hope he can get passed his problems because life can be difficult at times. I really do hope he can find happiness because life is too short to be angry and/or sad all of the time.

  2. The Westboro Baptist church is just a bunch of christian dumb-asses.They are all nuts for their ridiculous bible filled with hate.All Christians are filled with such vile they are a stain on the human condition,and are all delusional sick freaks.Anyone who wears a cross,or as I like to call them a mini Roman torture device around they're necks is a fool of Satan's.Isaiah 43:10-13 "I am the LORD, before me none were created,and I will create none.BESIDE me there is NO SAVIOR. Jesus is nothing more than a lie created by Satan,and Christians have fallen for this trick of the great deceiver,and will all burn in hell. Nice story? Stupid people will pray to any idol you cast before them Christians,Muslims,Jews are all faiths of the sandbox.Kitty took a big dump.

    1. *whew* .. Come On, Ya Infidel .. Tell us what you Really Think/feel
      … Of course, No one really gives a shit what you think, but it is mildly amusing hearing you rant .. heh!

      1. Why hello pagan101.If you want to discuss why your faith is stupid please feel free to interject more often.RM is limited in his knowledge of the faith of retards.You may be more of a challenge.But I doubt it.F@ck the ghost.Jesus is the Satan,and Christians are the sheeple led to slaughter.Read the OT bible,and all will be clear.You have been deceived by Satan your lord.Christians are an ABOMINATION UNTO THE LORD.

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