Welfare Wall of Shame

You asked for it, you’ve got it.

This will be a place to discuss how you have personally seen welfare abused.

I am not really looking for “how it oughta be” stuff, but real abuses.

31 thoughts on “Welfare Wall of Shame

  1. Beer/Wine/Spirits. Cigarettes/Cigars. Margarita Mixer. The Inquirer. Lottery Tickets. Flowers. Phone cards.

    This is what I observed at Safeway, on 181rst and Powell, by the lady in front of me. She declined to collect the approved box of cereal provided her, via the WIC program, cause ''she'' not her kid, doesn't like it. Her words. She instead bought a $5.00 box of fruity pebbles with her food stamp allotment. She bought the smokes, beer, etc, with the cash side of her card. She got cash back and fed that into the lottery vending machine.

    1. The choice of cereal should have been the kid's, though Fruity Pebbles does have 15 vitamins and minerals (and a heap of sugar 11.9 grams/serving).
      The purchases that she made from the cash side of her card, were legal.

      1. I believe a legal challenge exists. Let me present my case…. An individual without a minor dependent is not eligible for cash benefits. They can receive food stamps, which they cannot purchase beer, smokes, etc, with. The cash benefit is intended for the support of children. Shelter, utilities,etc. How can a person legally use funds intended for the care of a minor, on items illegal for use by minors? It's a misappropriation and fraudulent use of public funds. That it remains ''legal'' is a crime. The flip side, it's discrimination against individuals without children, as they are exempt from receiving cash benefits and their benefits are restricted from these type of purchases. There's a legal challenge there.

          1. So people that don't have children don't need TP, toothpaste, laundry soap and such? It's one more way to promote fatherless families for welfare cash.

              1. Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. Yes, I've always thought there should be certain items that fall under food, benefits. Especially if they plan on getting a job.

                1. That's the biggest problem with this program. It's NOT set up to give a hand up. It's set up to make people dependent on it.

                  They could do a much better job if they offered support for 2 years so a parent could get an education. Give them free daycare, food stamps and cash benefits for those 2 years. Pay for their education at a community college. Then begin to transition them into being part of the population that contributes to the economy, instead of sucking off it.
                  After two years, you get half of what you got during your first two years, except for the daycare. Then the next year, drop the cash support completely and reduce the daycare support. Then the next year drop the food stamps and reduce the daycare support again. In year 5 you lose all help from taxpayers.
                  If you apply again, at anytime, you get only what you would have gotten after year 2 in the first go-round and you only get it for one year. You can not apply more than twice in any 5 year period.

                    1. Actually it didn't fail, the liberals made Clinton rescind it because the poor couldn't suck off the system longer. You can't keep redistributing if the program ends up making those using it independent. It was working, it was working too good. It showed how many lazy people would never get off welfare.

                    2. I think the number one deterrent against career welfare should be NO benefits if you become pregnant on welfare. Birth control should be mandatory.

                    3. That's a great idea, but I know the uber conservatives would not go for it. If the government requires and even pays for birth control they would also have to add abortion to its benefits. Even though I was not on welfare, I was on the patch when I got pregnant with my middle boy, so it does happen. All the birth control out there never guarantee 100%, except abstinence and we know people are not going to practice that.

  2. I did. And, how hard it was for me to keep my mouth shut, as we both walked to our cars. Plus, it was 7:30 pm and I had just left the office. My feet were killing me, I'd chose that store to avoid the masses at Winco, beings it was welfare week (1rst-10th). And it just pissed me off.

  3. Okay, last time I went shopping, which is always at Winco because even though I work hard for my money, I still have a budget I need to follow.
    In front of us were two women and a child. Grandma, Mom & child. They evidently shared a home, which is great for the daughter. They bought stuff I had to pass over because of price. Dave's Killer bread, which I love! Really nice package of steaks, sodas, a frozen pie, a bunch of junk food. No fresh fruit, no veggies, lots of bags of chips.

    The clerk gave them the total and the daughter came back from bagging to pay, with her EBT. Which BTW she did not have enough left on. She asked her Mom if she could cover the rest, I was thinking "Yeah! I can't afford steak this week!" Her Mom comes back and pulls out her EBT card and pays for the rest!!!

    Is this some sort of friggin scam or what?

  4. So are these customers prisoners who have to obey the warden and only buy what God says they must buy, or, as Americans, are they free to decide what to do w/what money/funds they have available?
    Does everyone who shops buy only fruit and veggies and abstain from the other 99% of the store? Or is it only the poor who are buying the items listed?
    Unfortunately freedom does not automatically bring intelligence to a matter.
    I also think the paucity of responses in this subject is indicative of the situation, and also shows current biases.

    1. I found that while I was on food stamps, I had more "money" to spend in the store. My family ate better then we could when I was working and earning a wage. I did not get a cash benefit. While I would hope that they would make better choices for that cash, I feel it is up to them on how they spend it.

      1. Sorry it took so long to get back. I'm just not checking ID very often since LR&C went w/Disqust.
        Seems we agree on the main point.
        Interesting that you mention you had more "money" to spend in the store, and that your family ate better on food stamps. Does that mean you had overall more to "spend" per week/month on food stamps than while working, or that your choices changed in some manner?

        1. Since the food stamps were for food items, it allowed for less than stellar budgeting. At the time I was a sole breadwinner. So I did not have the support to take the sting out of lay-off periods. Yes, there were more dollars in the food budget on a monthly basis. Off of the system, for me to get the same amount I would have needed a few more bucks an hour in wages. I feel that the food stamp program, if it is not abused, is a great system. It does allow for a good healthy diet. Just like any other aspect of our society, there are those that will scam the system and they suck the life from us. it is a shame that people cannot just be decent about things.

        1. Naw, not hiding, just disgusted by presidential politics. The left nominates their weakest candidate in generations, and what does the right do? Nominate a clown. Better a clown than a criminal, but a clown all the same.

          I'm doing ok, trying to rehab a bad shoulder that had to have a rotator cuff tendon reattached. Other than that, I'm pretty good. How have you been? Still working at the Back Alley?

          1. Ouch, I feel your pain (well almost that severe). I has a rotator cuff issue in the right, and rehabbed it, now I am struggling with the left but not as badly.The day job had a promotion but comes with rotational on-call so I am still available for the bar, but I have not worked the door in a while.As to the Presidential race, they have been clowns for a while, but this year… it is trying to decide between two turds for dinner. I am thinking third party.

            1. I had arthroscopic surgery on my left to open up an impingement a few years back, and that was an easy operation and rehab. I think I had the same problem on the right this time but didn't fix it early enough and it damaged the tendon to the point of no return, then it just snapped. Not much pain at time, but I couldn't raise my elbow above my shoulder without the tendon to pull it up. Better have your left looked at before you end up in the same boat.

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