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We all know that the Susan G. Komen foundation is a worthy cause, but we have a situation brewing in Washington. A group of high school sports officials had pledged to donate their weeks checks to the SGK Foundation. They also used pink whistles during those games. As a result of using those pink whistles they are now facing being suspended for the playoff games. The WOA says that they are enforcing a uniform rule that requires black whistles only. They say that we have to take this kind of action to show the kids that even the adults have to follow the rules. Do they really think that our high school students are so stupid that they cannot understand special circumstances? These kids know that this is stupid as well we do. The commissioner needs to be removed, if he is not smart enough to reverse his decision. The fucker has no concept of compassion. I would like to invite the WOA to take me deeply, to about an inch or two past the gag point. Fro you folks reading, I would like to invite you to express your disgust directly to: WOA Commissioner Todd Stordahl 435 Main Avenue South Renton, WA 98057 425-687-8009 Email: tstordahl@woa-officials.com Director of Operations Kerri Stordahl 435 Main Avenue South Renton, WA 98057 425-687-8009 Email: kstordahl@woa-officials.com President Cindy C-Wilson Seattle Volleyball WOA Region: 2 Representing: Boards Email: cindyc@seanet.com Vice President Dean Corcoran Snohomish County Football WOA Region: 1 Representing: Associations Email: deancorcoran@comcast.net http://rivals.yahoo.com/highschool/blog/prep_rally/post/Washington-referees-may-face-ban-for-charity-pin?urn=highschool-279246

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