Who makes our pissed off list for today?

Oh! I know. SORBS!!!

Now here is a piece of crap little company that thinks it is really neat to hold people’s mail servers hostage. I have dealt with them from a couple of companies now and am still amazed that anyone uses this little group of cyber-extortionists.

They decide to put your IP on their list and you are just so hosed. I have seen people change providers to get away for the IP that was on their list.

Yes, it is well within SORBS rights to make fairly arbitrary lists of IP, it seems fairly unethical to hold the IP’s on this list until you donate money in their name to the charity of their choice. (Very good for the charity)

I have seen people try to shove the blame onto internet service providers. At New Edge Networks, the poor users were told their customers were blocked as they had dynamic IP’s in the network. Ummm… nope, at that time they didn’t, they did later on, when they started providing PPP circuits, but the mail came from static IP’s that had Reverse DNS records. Far too many Internet Service Providers have had their problems with SORBS, the list would be too extensive to document here.

As I understand it, they have decided that every static IP needs to have a reverse DNS with static as part of the host name… fuck off SORBS, it is not for SORBS to dictate how hostnames (or reverse DNS entires) are composed. I truly hope that ISP’s will grow spines and stand up for their users. Do not bend to the will of SORBS.

To anyone who subscribes to their services, we in the technical support community, feel sorry for you. You are missing out on business dollars because you do not know any better. This is a service that many sites and services recommend against using because they are not a reliable service. You may have people who are trying to reach you to put money in your pocket, but your draconian “spam filter” must feel that you do not need that extra money lining your pockets.

For what is worth, I have never been listed on SORBS, but I have tried to assist MANY people who were at risk of losing their small “Mom and Pop” businesses.

Directly for SORBS:

My opinions of your services are that you are lousy pieces of shit, that think that you know how to clean or solve the world’s spam problem. I suppose when you start fucking your customers out of legitimate email, it will help reduce email, but only until the poor saps that you represent start hearing about their lost email contacts. You may get to set blame with their ISP’s, but we know that it is YOUR fault, and the fault of your customers for placing trust and faith in you.

SORBS, eat shit and live to tell the tale.

Oh yeah if you want to discuss it further, feel free to write

Since this page was initially written several years ago, there have been some changes with SORBS.
I want to give them (her) some credit. If your IP was listed on their DUHL as a dynamic IP, you can get your IP delisted provided that your MX record and PTR record has a TTL of 12 hours or longer.
That is perfectly reasonable. You must go to the SORBS website ( and request it be delisted AFTER those steps are done. It does work, and I have done it for a couple of my callers. It does not change the fact that the IP’s did nothing wrong, and were never used to send spam EVER.
The database will hold those IP’s on their bullshit list forever, unless someone requests that they be delisted. It is not a list that finds the IP to be clean and behaving well for two years then drop it until another offense occurs.

The SORBS site has the following paragraph:
“Users of dynamically assigned IP addresses, please note that SORBS is not identifying you as a spammer. SORBS is identifying you as a dynamic IP address user, nothing more, nothing less.”

But the fact is, they haven’t a fucking clue if your IP is dynamic or plated with gold… so they are just arbitrarily list IP’s, until someone notices.

I am now compiling a list of providers that use SORBS, so that they can be avoided. If you know for fact that a company is using SORBS, please email me for review. If everything works out, I will include them on my list.


Currently I only have one ISP that is using SORBS (Yeah, it sucks to be their customer because of that):

Infinity Internet

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