Oh, how could I have left off PETA for this long? Here is a piece of shit organization that I doubt that I will ever see eye to eye on an issue with. I am sure that there will be SOME issues that we will share opinions on, but over all they fail to have the common sense God gave a gnat. Of course there have been PLENTY of great T-shirts on PETA. I am very happy to make my little mark against this group.

Before I get too far into this, I would like to provide a very nice lil link.

I found it to me quite enlightening. I hope that the celebs that help this organization see it as well.

I think that if the celebrities were aware of what PETA was really doing, they would not be so cozy with the organization.

I am VERY well aware that animals are alive, and deserve to be that way. Yes, for me to eat SOMETHING is going to die. I will eat, vegetables have to die too. How many vegans or PETA members refuse to eat broccoli since they have been proven to have a nervous system? Are there other plants that may be too well developed for us to consume?

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