Oregon Legislators – helping illegals

Who makes the list for supporting illegal immigration this time?

On 29 Mar 11 the following list of people took a step toward aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.
For this act, I ask that they lose their seats in the Oregon Senate.

While they may not be traitors in a legal sense… they are being branded as such here.
They are inviting violence as they further ratchet the voters anger to new altitudes.

When we look at the Homeland Security exercise that ALMOST got done (before the premise of the drill leaked to the public) last weekend… we see that the government know damn well that we the people are getting fucking PISSED!

They understand that we the people have almost reach our boiling point.

It seems that they do not give a shit, that we know that they are ignoring us.
As an armed Democrat, I am in a minorty in my party. (I am okay with that)
Democrats make up about a third of all gun owners, meaning that most of us are sheep and are not prepared for an armed conflict. To the sheep that want to push illegals on us…. grab your tampax, I will grab my gun, who do you think will win?

I will shed NO tears if something were to happen to these “public officials” as they no longer serve the public, they simply serve themselves… No let me be clear, I am NOT condoning any visitors (or long term residents) of this site take any action that would be deemed illegal. I am just saying that no tears would be dropped if there were an act of God, or anyone else.

Member             Party     City            Dist.
A. Bates               D    Ashland            3
L. Beyer               D    Springfield        6
S. Bonamici          D    Beaverton        17
G. Burdick            D    Portland          18
P. Courtney          D    Salem              11
R. Devlin              D    Tualatin           19
J. Dingfelder        D    Portland          23
C. Edwards          D    Eugene             7
M. Hass              D       Beaverton     14
L. Monnes Anderson D    Gresham    25
R. Monroe          D    Portland          24
F. Morse            R    Albany               8
D. Nelson           R    Pendleton        29
F. Prozanski        D    Eugene            4
D. Rosenbaum    D    Portland         21
C. Shields           D    Portland         22
C. Thomsen        R    Welches         26
J. Verger            D    North Bend    5

6 thoughts on “Oregon Legislators – helping illegals

    1. Well, I and my family will! Morse is in Albany, which means Linn County.. Looser, he bought 4 votes against himself here! I can think of a lot of neighbors here also who will be voting against him come election..

    1. Thank you for bringing this site to my attention.
      As far as I know, I do not have any readers from New Mexico, but your point is well made.

      Even my own state of Washington does not require proof of citizenship to obtain a driver's license.
      I am for it, even though I need to go get a copy of my birth certificate.

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