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This is a place that I used to shoot dart tournaments in and used to really enjoy. It was once known as Mr. T’s. I do not know the ownership lineage. During my time there playing darts it was pretty much a meat market, but a fun place all the same. Now I only go there begrudgingly when my pool team HAS to play there. Whenever there is a question about where we want to hold playoff’s my stance is any legal establishment OTHER than Halftime. The people who play pool there are good people. Please don’t get me wrong on that, they represent their establishment well. One of the biggest complaints about Halftime is their pricing. I have to say that the complaint is well warranted. I cannot in good conscience see charging as much if not more for soft drinks that you do for beer. That is just flat out bullshit! It is important to support people not driving drunk. It would be wise to have a bottomless cup or even a reasonable refill cost. I suppose that if for some reason I were to drive drunk and get pulled over, Halftime would be the name I would give who over served me, regardless of where I really was, simply for my despise of what this place has become. It is tradition for pool league sponsors to open the tables for their teams during league play. Recently Theresa chose to cut the pool price from fifty cents a game to twenty five cents per game, but not open the tables for their league players. Since the league requires a cue ball that is the same size as the rest of the balls, anytime you scratch or sink the nine ball prematurely you must pay to get the ball back. To Theresa’s benefit, her staff does do a great job preparing quite good food. Overpriced, but it is very good. If think that you have something for me to consider in my review of Halftime, please feel free to email me at shitlist@pissedoffpirate.com

Comments about Halftime from others:

“Good place to go to shoot pool if your a tweeker or you want to buy…. The owner is well aware of the d–g traffic that frequents her establishment. She has convics sleeping in the booths late at night and I know this because I used to work there. Also there is a guy working there that tried to off his wife and kids a couple years ago named Mitch.”

“We (like so many others) used to frequent the Halftime often, for the good pool tables and good food. But Theresa, the owner, keeps jacking up her prices. The crowd has moved on… if she keeps this up she’ll be out of business in a year! Suggesion: close the place once in a while, it doesn’t need to be open 24 hrs and cater to the tweekers! Save some money, lower your prices and close like the rest of the bars!”

“what happend to the halftime??we/friends/family..have been going there for years..the primerib is still great and the burgers are always good..but what happend to the friendly waitresses and bartenders?that would come around to your table and ask if you needed anything..now i feel like a traffic flagger trying to get a drink or order food..dont get me wrong sometimes its busy but like any busy resturant staff for it dont make costumers suffer ..please bring back the halftime..that we all used to know thanks”

“I’ve been to the Halftime Bar a few times. The ceilings are really low, it feels like the roof is right on top of your head. Very Claustrophobic, they have a lot of pool tables, like 10 or so.”

“The Halftime Bar & Grill is a were you when you want to get drunk, and shoot some pool. They Host a lot of pool tables, but the place is so seedy and nasty, I was scared to be in there.”

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  1. Well, there have been many hits on this particular page.
    I would have expected that SOMEONE would come to defend their honor in some way.
    It used to be a fair place to shoot darts. It was a meat rack, but still fun.
    Hell our league quit playing there, after they 86'd their own team in a dispute over crab shells in a crab cake. They even called the police.

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