Governor Jerry Brown

To the dis-honorable Governor Jerry Brown:

You are proving to be a disgrace to the foundations of law.

Why the FUCK would you think it is in the best interest of your state to allow ILLEGAL immigrant to practice LAW in California?

Yes your legislature passed it, but did you have to also be seditious in signing it into law?

It is behavior like this that is souring the citizenry against the government and is bringing our entire country at risk of violence and upheaval.

Illegals in California can:

  • practice law
  • not be detained for ICE unless it is a serious crime
  • get drivers licenses
  • sneak into a job and cannot be fired because they are not legally in the U.S.

Mr Governor, sincerely… FUCK you and the illegals that you seem to want to pander towards.,0,609507.story

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