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20 thoughts on “Shitlist”

    1. Welcome aboard my friend.
      As you look around, you will see several names that you know.
      We started using this site as a place that we could REALLY express how we felt without censorship getting in the way.
      During the workday, I have to be careful about posting in here.

      The biggest rule around here is respect. While we may vehemently disagree on an issue, we do not make it personal.

      Since I am running Intense Debate, you can easily track the messages over here as well.

  1. Will I need to bring up a Keg of Ale or a cask of Wine from below decks? We do have a nice bottle of Amontillado sherry, If I dig deeper I might find some Port.

    Maybe I could dig up some Wild Turkey if I dig through your sea chest.

        1. Sometimes receiving overlooks a few goodies. You might want to check behind that big black chest in the hold. I think I saw a few cases of something behind there

    1. I am starting to lean towards not publishing much in the way of WBC as they do not need the press.They just need to die, be it directly by God's hand or indirectly. I am good either way.

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