Another step towards employment salvation

As I move along the timeline of my 90-day letter, my current “manager” is releasing me to my next team. My new manager is someone that I have known for about 13 years. He is one that helped train me at a previous job and has been a man that… Continue reading

Major changes at work

For those that have been watching over the years, you know that I no longer discuss who my daytime employer is. Our company was acquired but another company that had a different business focus. Since our business has elements that are very different, it is causing great challenges in integrating… Continue reading

Facebook Jail (only 24 hours)

So, I landed in Facebook Jail again. The same day that Facebook announced that they were adding 3000 staffers to patrol Facebook they deemed one of the images on a page that I run to be in violation of their community standards. Since it has been a while since that… Continue reading

A Bill of Rights issue for Oregon

Well this was certainly unexpected… Another of many reasons that I continue to no longer be an Oregon resident. How can any state feel that they are above the U.S. Constitution? Do inalienable rights mean so little to Oregon and her residents that they should be easily cast aside? Lawsuit… Continue reading

What is the controversy in 13 Reasons Why?

Over the last couple of days Gigglez and I have binge watched “13 Reasons Why” ( The general premise is simple, yet quite complex.  A high school junior commits suicide, but before she does, records a series of audio tapes. These tapes involve all of those that contributed to her… Continue reading

inappropriate discussions

So in my office there are very inappropriate discussions. one co-worker broke out in the theme from Bonanza but ended it with dildo… I asked if it was with a suction cup or without. He seemed confused as to why it mattered. one is much better for use on the… Continue reading

Sextortion – are you aware of it?

As so many are flocking to cell phones and the ages of the users are getting younger, there is a topic that parents need to be aware of. Sextortion is a form of sexual exploitation that employs non-physical forms of coercion to extort sexual favors from the victim. Sextortion refers… Continue reading

Well, I broke her again.

As part of my daily job, I have to caution people to do frequent patching and updating on their websites. I do follow my own teaching with one exception. My WordPress theme was badly out of date. It was several years old, but due to how much slicing and dicing… Continue reading

The PissedOffPirate YouTube Channel

Since I have been learning the YouTube system form the other direction, here is a link to the PissedOffPirate YouTube channel.   There are a couple of sub-channels thus far, let me know if you have an areas covered that is not already there.