Well, I broke her again.

As part of my daily job, I have to caution people to do frequent patching and updating on their websites. I do follow my own teaching with one exception. My WordPress theme was badly out of date. It was several years old, but due to how much slicing and dicing that I did on the code, I did not want to perform the updates in fear of breaking her.

Well tonight, I felt that I was not being smart on a cybersecurity level so I pulled the lever and did the update. The theme that I had has gone to a premium scheme.  In the end, I am down to two columns, but it seems more equipped for mobile devices.

Please explore and see what you think. If it is crap, that is fine, I will hunt for another.

However if we decide that this one is suitable, I will see if I can tweak it into shape.

The PissedOffPirate YouTube Channel

Since I have been learning the YouTube system form the other direction, here is a link to the PissedOffPirate YouTube channel.




There are a couple of sub-channels thus far, let me know if you have an areas covered that is not already there.

Should Illegals Be Shocked Upon Deportation?

With the new shift in deportation, we saw the Latino community flip out when a woman who was in the US since 14 was deported.
This is one sample case: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/02/10/mexico-warns-citizens-new-reality-after-undocumented-mom-deported-arizona/97750450/
When a person knows that they are in the US illegally and have been for a long time, I lose sensitivity when they have not taken steps to become a citizen. I know that the process is not easy, but you have to at least work on it.
It is not a secret that I despise T-Rump, but this is an area where I support his position.
If you are an illegal alien, please start the process to getting your green card and hopefully citizenship. We want you here, but you have to do it in the correct way.

Favorite Nicknames for Trump

Gathering a collection of nicknames for Donald J. Trump.

Cheeto Von Tweeto
Orangatan in Chief
Cheeto-dusted Führer
Tangerine Tyrant

I did stumble onto this list: http://www.thehypertexts.com/Donald%20Trump%20Nicknames.htm

The Donald — Ivana Trump (she first used the term in a 1989 Spy Magazine cover story)
Lord Voldemort — Rosie O’Donnell
Golden Wrecking Ball — Sarah Palin (who was NOT trying to be funny!)
Short-Fingered Vulgarian — Graydon Carter (a nickname Trump hates because he seems to think it implies that he is under-endowed “down there”)
Tiny Hands Trump, Babyfingers Trump and Pixie Fingers Trump — Michael R. Burch (nicknames based on Graydon Carter’s nickname above)
The Most Fabulous Whiner — after Donald Trump described himself to CNN’s Chris Cuomo as the “most fabulous whiner” who keeps “winning by whining”
Fuckface von Clownstick, Man-Baby, Comedy Entrapment and Unrepentant Narcissistic Asshole — Jon Stewart
The White Kanye ― Bill Maher
Trump of Doom — Michael R. Burch (first used in a possibly prophetic Facebook post on September 11, 2015)
Agent Orange — Anonymous

Dead Pool 2017

We only have four contestants this year for the pool.

· Basic points per death will be determined by their age deducted from 100. Additional points are listed above.
· Your celebrities must die between January 1, 2017 12:00 a.m. PST and 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31, 2017.
· Your celebrity must be a real person, not a character, like Ron Burgundy.
· Your celebrity must be a real celebrity, not the mother of a celebrity, like Debbie Nelson.
· Your celebrity must be a human.
· An unborn child of a celebrity does not count as a celebrity, so miscarriages and stillbirths are worth nothing.
· Celebrities that are terminally ill, on death row, or are political refugees / terrorists are qualified.
· Spiritual death does not count.
· Anyone saved by CPR or other life-saving means will only receive the “Michael Clarke Duncan” points and not the basic age points.
· You have one month or until someone else’s celebrity dies (whichever comes first) to manipulate your celebrity death predictions. So whatever your standing list is as of February 1, 2017 12:00 a.m. or as of the first speculated death, will be your final list. Reminder: the moment someone wins the “First Cadaver”, the one month manipulation clause is no longer valid.
· If you selected someone already dead, not qualified per the rules, or any other type of error, after the cut-off deadline, then you do not get to correct it. All lists by cut-off point are final.
· You must list all of your celebrities as an actual list, in one post, to enter the game. Calling out individual people in separate lists will not be counted. A list must have no less than 8 names to be considered an entry in the game. Any list changes must be reposted as an entire list.
· You get one bonus croaker that will only be worth his/her age in points. Your bonus croaker will not qualify you for any of the additional points that are listed above, including the “Sylvia Browne”. The bonus croaker must be identified as such and should be listed at the end of your 10 celebrity death predictions. Listing 11 names and not identifying the bonus croaker will not automatically create a bonus croaker entry. Only the first 10 celebrities will be listed and the 11th unidentified celebrity will be ignored.
· Your celebrities must die between January 1, 2017 12:00 a.m. PST and 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31, 2017.
5 pts the “First Cadaver” if your celebrity is the first to die in 2017.
10 pts the “Selena” if your celebrity is murdered.
50 pts the “Vic Morrow” if your celebrity is decapitated.
15 pts the “Sid Vicious” if your celebrity murdered someone. Extra 5 pts if the celebrity murders someone within 24 hours of his/her own death.
15 pts the “Whitney Houston” if your celebrity is African American and dies in February.
15 pts the “Owen Hart” if your celebrity is a sports figure that dies competing.
20 pts the “JFK” if your celebrity is a political figure and is assassinated.
20 pts the “Brandon Lee” if your celebrity is a musician or actor and dies while performing or working on set.
10 pts the “Paul Walker” if your celebrity dies during the filming of a movie and his/her contribution to the movie was not finished.
20 pts. the “David Carradine” if your celebrity dies from a sexy time gone sour (whether alone or with someone).
25 pts the “Kamehameha” if your celebrity dies on his/her birthday or wedding anniversary.
25 pts the “Michael Clarke Duncan” if your celebrity dies and is brought back to life.
5 pts the “Who Knew?” if your celebrity goes out in the most unique fashion. Most unique selection will be determined by group vote.
25 pts. the “Jon-Erik Hexum” if your celebrity dies from his/her own stupidity, such as playing with a gun or planking on a balcony.
15 pts the “Killing Spree” if 3 of your predictions die in a row with nobody else’s predictions in between.
25 pts the “Daily Double” if 2 of your celebrities die on the same day like Jackson and Fawcett.
15 pts the “Left Eye” if your celebrity dies in an auto accident. Extra 5 pts if the celebrity is driving.
5 pts the “Grim Reaper” for the poster with the greatest number of celebrities that die, regardless of any point value.
25 pts the “Sylvia Browne” if you predict the order in which all of your celebrities will die. (Even if all 10 don’t die, your celebrities that do die just have to die in the order you listed.)
15 pts the “Pink Ribbon” if your celebrity dies during the month of October, having been a victim of breast cancer at some point, but not necessarily dying of breast cancer.
10 pts the “John Denver” if your celebrity dies in plane crash. Extra 5 pts if the celebrity is flying the plane.
25 pts the “Keith Moon” if your celebrity dies in the same location as a former celebrity’s death. (Buildings count, cities don’t.)
5 pts the “Death by Misadventure” if your celebrity croaks while swimming, biking, boating, skiing, sky diving, mountain climbing, race car driving, or zip lining.
5 pts the “Last Gasp” for the last celebrity to die by 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31, 2017.

This ruleset was respectfully pilaged from: https://www.yelp.com/topic/los-angeles-2016-celebrity-death-pool
They did not runt he same pool this year, else I would have been in it.

Individual #1 (RH)
1 Queen Elizabeth II
2 Debbie Reynolds – Passed before the new year so is void. Alt in effect.
3 George H.W. Bush
4 Valerie Harper
5 Mick Jagger
6 Keith Richards
7 Jimmy Carter
8 Bill Cosby
9 Bob Newhart
10 Don Rickles
Alt Fats Domino

Individual #2 (TG)
1 Boy George
2 Donald Trump
3 Bob Barker
4 Queen Elizabeth II
5 Pamela Anderson
6 Ozzy Osbourne
7 Stan Lee
8 George H.W. Bush
9 Alan Alda
10 Don Shula
Alt Michael J. Fox

Individual #3 (EP)
1 Joe Jackson
2 Bill Clinton
3 Pope Francis
4 Queen Elizabeth II
5 Bill Cosby
6 Betty White
7 Bob Barker
8 Phil Donahue
9 Jerry Springer
10 George H.W. Bush

Individual #4 (JM)
1 Steve Martin
2 Betty White
3 Robert Downy Jr.
4 Bob Dylan
5 David Gilmour
6 Willie Nelson
7 Sean Connery
8 Clint Eastwood
9 Elizabeth Taylor
10 Katherine Hepburn

Individual #5 (AM)

1 Kirk Douglas
2 Alan Greenspan
3 Angela Lansbury
4 Burt Reynolds
5 Tim Curry
6 Jerry Lewis
7 Prince Charles
8 Jered Leto
9 Gary Busey
10 Brad Pitt

When Protests Evolve Into Riots

We have been seeing far too many incidents where what starts as a peaceful protest, or vigil turn into horrible riots.

I do not know why the mainstream media cannot devlop a damn spine and call the event what it is when it turns. Do they feel that they will be protested, boycotted, or what? If the media outlets had the balls to return to being NEWS agencies again and not ratings fluffballs we may actually listen to and respect them.

Have we gotten to the point where so many people buy into the bullshit of “white privilege”? Has society decided that any given non-white group can riot with immunity?

Even when the outrage is justified, the destruction of your local towns is not. Have pride in yourselves enough to hold peaceful protests. Once that our great leaders would be proud of.

Why can people not follow directions from the police?

We have had another incident of police shooting a man.
The man was black, not that color really matters to me.
The blood looked the same as any other that I have seen spilled.

We realy need another statistic being kept in the police shooting database.
That stat should be, “Was the decedent following police officer instructions? [Y/N]”

The video of the Terence Crutcher case was obscured, both form the air, and from the dash cam. It cerainly LOOKS like he may have been reaching into his car window. I cannot be sure.

If he was reaching in, he sealed his fate.

Each of the cases that I have seen video of recently involved individuals NOT responding to police instructions. Perhaps there is something different in the culture, but my white ass will listen to instructions from an officer.

The ALCU is very clear on this subject:

Do stay calm and be polite.
Do not interfere with or obstruct the police.
Do not lie or give false documents.
Do prepare yourself and your family in case you are arrested.
Do remember the details of the encounter.
Do file a written complaint or call your local ACLU if you feel your rights have been violated.

In fact, their message is so important, I am going to link to their page:

If you do not listen to the instructions given by police, you may very well DIE.
Follow the instructions so that you may live to file a complaint after you are safely released from custody.

Why is this concept such a challenge to understand?

I am very sorry, that another family and collection of friends have to mourn the loss.
From the outside, this seems like it is a tragic waste of life.

Have you checked out Nextdoor?

We have found an interesting app.

It is called Nextdoor. (nextdoor.com)

Gigglez and I have both loaded it. Part of what is interesting is that it brings neighbors together in common fronts.

Sometimes it may be lost/found animals, sometimes crimes being reported.

I also find it to be hopeful to re-establish communication in your neighborhood, as well as the option to add other neighborhoods close to yours.

Here is an invite link in case you are interested: https://nextdoor.com/invite/fhrsramjqvzdwsjmkscs


Let me know what you think.

tsk tsk tsk

Since my political beliefs are broad spectrum, I find the current consternation by the anti-gun gun crowd interesting… they are upset that the four gun control measure failed in the senate today. Now, we are talking about a population that is all about rights and civil liberties.

These same liberties include the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty.


Enter the crowds pushing for rumors to equate a criminal conviction… ask any vet is they have seen careers destroyed by unfounded rumors or not. So you are going to take away a popular right, based on a rumor?

Tell me that that feels good and why generations of solders put their lives on the line… Between this and the Muslim fear mongering of the Right, it sure reminds me of the McCarthy era.


Here they call for shaming of those that chose to stand on American judicial principles if nothing else… I think the shame is being misdirected. Shame should fall to those that want to make take away our founding principles. Closer and closer to the tipping point we go.