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Something to keep in mind here is that I am not opposed to marriage, but I do have observations and in some areas play Devil’s Advocate. (Sometimes I cannot tell if I really believe it while I am writing or if I am following a theoretical position)


I talked about starting this page, so here is a beginning. It is a sub-page of Leykis 101.

Marriage, why? Yes there are many generalizations in this position.

Marriage is an institution mostly for women and has it’s roots on our genetic core. (If you expect me to go all PC and candy coat this, you best head to as this is not going to be the place for you.)

Men and women are very different in many ways for plenty of reasons. We have to go back a few million years to discuss where this all starts. We find humanity in it’s infancy need ways to grow. Man being a hunter, hunts food and women. Two of the male needs in a nutshell right? It is the man’s goal to sleep with every young, healthy, attractive female that he can find for two reasons. First, because it feels so damn good. Secondly, to have kids, presumably to take care of him when he is too old to hunt and chase women. Man has no need for monogamy. When he sees a fine piece of ass that he likes he takes it.

Woman, is a nester. She needs security in which to raise young and to be safe from all the other men that just chase her down and fuck her. In order to make that security last a lifetime, she needs to develop a courtship ritual to slow the man down a little. Make him take his time and get to know her, and she needs to know him. She is making sure he is good breeding stock and has fine qualities for her young.

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  1. In more modern terms, Men need someone to take care of them because they can't take care of them self. Fortunately it is instinctual for women to take care of those who are weaker in mind than they are.

    1. I can certainly see that being the case.As to the weaker mind that could also be true, but I am not sure if our minds are weaker, or just tuned for different specialties.I stand in front of the panty surveying its contents, but fail to see the meals that can be completed from the shelves.Ultimately deciding that the challenge is not for me, but the box of cereal sure looks good.

          1. You should know by now, that I am totally incapable of restraining myself when I find such a jewel of a typo. I tried, for a fraction of a second to hold back: my willpower just isn't strong enough.

            The temptation offered was just to great.

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