Below are various links of interest. We are starting to develop relations with other sites and sometimes it is really nice to add a quick link to find them quickly.

This is the first link that was placed on POP:


Redshirt has a few blogs, but we are linking this one for the time being:

Merval’s blog:


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  1. In Washington state, the governor asked for suggestions to balance the budget be directed to a particular site for the purpose. Being annoyed by slow moving bicycles on the road which congest traffic, take up space reserved for them, and don't pay their share: I suggested milking them through a system of licenses. 14 people agreed with me and over 900 did not. Something for nothing is still popular here.

    1. I agree with trying to keep the bicycles with as few roadblocks as needed. HOWEVER, enough bad apples has caused the rest of society to want them to have to deal with the same kind of system that the other vehicle operators have to deal with.
      The real challenge comes to how we deal with kids and still let the system be fair.

  2. Well now… One solution for slow moving bicycles on the road is to bring them up to speed by hanging engines on them and calling them motorcycles. They would pay their way and be less forgiven by local enforcers. Let them ride in the bike lanes IN ADDITION to the HOV lanes. Traffic would flow and the pedal pushers would be resigned to their own neighborhoods where those toys belong. Bicycle builders: Orville and Wilbur would approve.

  3. Here I am sending money to the hard pressed government to get new licenses for our two doggies. While our governor cries the blues for want of MORE money and performs cutbacks, I wonder (as you might expect) where the special exception for meandering bicycles originates. Why am I the only one irked by this annoyance?

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