Don’t Give in to the Illegals

Yesterday while I was perusing the ballot initiatives that are in process for Washington I stumbled upon a gem (I did find some that were amusing).


I encourage anyone to look this initiative over, even if you are not in Washington. Perhaps you may want to see something like this in YOUR home state. If enough states are taking these stances, the our elected officials on the federal level have to make note. We want them to enact legislation like this on a national level.  The website for the ballot initiative is:

I have “a slug” of petitions that are being sent to me. I will carry them and if you need some I will happily share. We don’t have long to gather these signatures so don’t dilly dally.

When I am presented with a petition, I have three options that bring about two actions;

  • I am for the issue so I sign the petition
  • I am opposed to the issue so I decline to sign politely
  • I am undecided (but have thought the issue over) so I will often sign the petition to allow it to be decided by the populace

Will you take a stand?

20 thoughts on “Don’t Give in to the Illegals

  1. I have "a box " of the petitions being shipped to me.
    It sounds like I am getting half of the allotment for Clark County.

    If you would like to assist with the gathering of signatures, please let me know and I will make sure to meet up with you and share the wealth of petitions.

  2. Found this little story today:

    Airport head of security had stolen identity

    NEWARK, New Jersey (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The head of security at one of the country's busiest airports is now in custody after police say he has been working under a stolen identity for decades.

    They say the man assumed the identity of a New York murder victim to hide the fact he'd illegally immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria.

    The port authority says he passed background checks when he applied at Liberty Airport in Newark in 1992 under the name Jerry Thomas.

    The man now faces a number of charges including identity theft.

      1. I was wondering how he got away with it? The guy who he used the SSN of, would have been listed on the Death Index.
        Is the government so greedy that they had no problem collecting the taxes for 20 years from a guy that they themselves had reported as dead?

        I wondered what steps they took to check this guy's background?

      1. No, it had done that before now they are saying even private businesses can't use it if they hire in CA.

        They are adding NOS to the car they are driving off the cliff! Evidently it wasn't going over fast enough…

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