Desiree Young Drags Terri (and Kyron) Horman Back Into the Headlines

It looks like every year as I am about to enjoy my birthday, I will have to see more Kyron Horman “news”.
He disappeared the day after my birthday.
For me it is bittersweet as it does not need to be forgotten, but the sadness is not easy to reconcile.
This is after all a missing, presumed deceased child.

Now for those of us from the local area have been through the tsunami of press coverage. We were saturated with it. Rumors were rampant as were theories. Many of our group took a beating in the reputation scores as people did not like the legal truths that we were obligated to point out.

I have yet to see ANY compelling evidence to lead me to believe that Terri Horman was involved with Kyron’s disappearance.

Here we are days away from when statute of limitations would run out for civil actions to be filed, here comes Desiree. She intends to file for custodial interference if they were not able to get evidence to connect her with his disappearance, what on God’s green Earth makes her think that she will be able to pull this rabbit out of her ass?

The only way that this would work out in her favor would be if they stacked the jury with fuckin loons who have no concept of how the law works…

Part of the lynch mob:

Was Terri among us in the forums with the account:

I for one would like to hear from her directly.
(Terri if you read this, email me at I would like to politely correspond a bit if you do not mind (and I can keep whatever you want between us)).

I will extend the same offer to Desiree and Kaine

if SDSQRL was Terri, then she replied to one of our own:
103 weeks ago @ KATU – Portland, OR – Narrowing the search f… · 4 replies · -20 points
Thank you “owt”. You said if perfectly.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
Is this suit an old fashioned media grab?
or is it a sincerely vindictive attempt to turn the knife in Terri Horman’s ribs when no REAL evidence could be turned up? I would also like to know how much damage was done to the investigation BY the Horman family since they kep blathering on about internal pieces of the investigation. I feel that the Task Force was far to open with them for the integrity of the investigation itself.

There is an update to this story (Thank you R101) Here is the text of the suit as it was filed:

21 thoughts on “Desiree Young Drags Terri (and Kyron) Horman Back Into the Headlines

  1. I don't know if Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron's disappearance. Her behavior has been quite odd, to say the least. Yet, it's all been within her rights. Due process hasn't even made it's first step toward her (naming her a POI) and a surprisingly high number of my fellow countrymen/women are all but begging to have her stripped of her constitutional rights. This type of knee jerk reaction scares me. I hadn't realized how many people either haven't grasped the concept of such an action, or just don't care. With that type of pitch fork mentality, I think I'd remain silent as well. A mob willing to throw their constitutional rights out the window can't see reason. Can't be trusted either. You can have whatever opinion of her that you want, but please don't risk us all to see her bleed.

    Edit: As far as the ID account RDSQRL.. Katu themselves publicly exposed her on their network. That was the day I lost faith in katu. To publicly expose a users real identity. So tacky. Rating whores or not. T'was Dan Tiken, I believe. Remind me to overlook him, should I ever have information. They fucked that up from all angles. She was openly posting. It could have led to evidence. Amazing that Kaine still uses them.

      1. Yep… and then there's this… If I remember correctly, not exposing a users identity was buried deep within the rules at k2. Didn't k2 conveniently modify their rules just before, or right after they exposed Terrie Horman as the user of that account. Tracked her IP and the registered name on that account. Strange, because I clearly remember our group getting banned when we exposed the identity of Bryant Lister.

  2. It was all an ugly feeding frenzy and very terrifying to watch. Its still more than a little frightening seeing how "Society" "Common People" and media could disregard simple human rights let alone constitutional rights.

    The privilege of citizenship is supposed to guaranty our rights to a fair trial. Even without our constitution each of us is covered by the Universal declaration of human rights, America did sign in on this along with most of the country's in the United Nations.

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    I am struck by the second point of the preamble.

    "Whereas disregard and contempt for human
    rights have resulted in barbarous acts which
    have outraged the conscience of mankind,
    and the advent of a world in which human
    beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and
    belief and freedom from fear and want has
    been proclaimed as the highest aspiration
    of the common people,"

    These rights belong to us and can not, or should not be taken away from any one of us, by any of us.

    1. The only problem that I have with that is who wrote it. . . The UN is both gutless and spineless, though well intentioned.Most of their principles are in the right direction.

        1. Another part of the frenzy that bothered me, was trying to talk any legal sense to a large percentage of the public opines. ''Screaming to arrest her, arrest her now, she'll talk if she's in a cell, she shouldn't get to walk around free… '' Arrest with no evidence? Lose and have double jeopardy come into play? They just couldn't grasp LE's position.

          1. I have no way to define it, its like something created and distorted by Mass Hysteria and Social Indoctrination.

            I can't understand why people would be willing to sacrifice the rights of another and not conceive of the fact that in so doing, a precedent has been established to remove their own rights.

            They do not seem to understand that they are one circumstance or allegation away from being in a comparable situation. Zero empathy of the individual without seeming to understand that they themselves are an individual susceptible to the same treatment by their peers because they have supported the mob mentality.

            1. I was just reading some of the comments on k2. The witch hunt is alive and well. Statements like, ''they may not be able to prove she did it, but she can't prove she didn't''. Scary thought processes. They'd feel different if they ever find themselves as the last person to see someone alive.

  3. hmmmmmm ???????
    I can't put a finger on it, but I do, and always have felt that there is something just not right with this twit.
    I believe that the bio-parents (both of them) are intimately involved in the Kyron Debacle, and have for 2 years done everything in their power to derail the investigation away from themselves .. UGH!!

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>!

    … am I missing something, Or, in her 'news conference', did this twit lay out her 'plan' to destroy Terri further, and blather on about her supposed love for Kyron, while shedding Not A Single "Real" Tear ??

    1. The first thing I noticed is that it appears she had a wonderful day at the spa and one hell of a good makeup artist.

      The artfully attempt at the casual hair due is betrayed by what seems to be very high quality highlighted hair and styling.

      Nice even tan, Tanning bed or spray on, its not a natural.

      While I think I would sue whoever did her eyebrows I have to say the blending of the makeup is outstanding, right down to the flesh colored lipstick.

      The intensity of the eye makeup drew me right to those eyes without a hint of redness from crying.

      She forgot that when you are depicting that much emotion there should be at least one tear, and a runny nose. Not one Sniffle.

      Nor did I see any signs that she has had any recent crying spells.

      Not sure that sweater works with that tan.

      Should I go on?

    2. I said on the very first article, with the picture of Terri, that she looked like a woman afraid for her life. I have often wondered if Kayne isn't an abuser, mentally, physically and completely in control of the entire Kyron disappearance.

      I have never seen him shed a tear. He has been cold and calculated throughout the entire 2 years. I also think he orchestrated the whole Cook relationship with Terri just to discredit her further.

      You can fail a lie detector test because of stress unrelated to the questions being asked. Or she could have been threatened by Kaine. I think her hiring an attorney and getting as far away from him as possible was the best thing she could have done for herself.

      BTW, anyone seen or heard anything about the baby girl in the last year? I wonder what happened to her?

      1. The last that I had heard about her was that Terri was being denied visitation. Seems wrong to me since they have not been able to make a case. Doesn't sound innocent until proven guilty, but that has to be tempered with erring to the safe side.She should be granted access, at least supervised. If they file charges, then it is a different story. I thought we still lived in America.

        1. Have you seen her at any of the public appearances that Kaine has made over the last 2 years? I haven't. I haven't seen any passing video, or still photos or anything. Seems strange that Kaine has time for all of this but I never see the little girl with him. I wonder if he hasn't gotten a new slave at his home. Someone to care for the child, like he did with Terri.

          Honestly, I don't think we are going to see any closure on this case, at least not in the next few years. By then, it will be too late for Terri or her little girl.

          I also thought it was strange that Kaine claimed he knew nothing about the lawsuit until it was announced. Seems Desiree isn't talking to him much either…

  4. Now I know where the seemingly pro-Terri comments come from (which I guess could be interpreted as pro-justice system).

    My guess is it was TH or someone not known about, but I also believe that the evidence was never fully revealed which is why Desiree is so convinced TH was involved.

    Aside from that I think Desiree is pretty hot, she certainly cares about her appearance but I don't link her appearance to suspicion.

    1. I am pro-judicial system as well as a fan of due process and a lover of the Constitution.Desiree CAN be, but she seems to slather on the makeup which I find disturbing. I have also come away from great hugs with makeup on my shirts. Luckily for me, my fiancé is a former model and she knows how to apply her makeup, when she wears it.

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