Kyron Horman

I have far too many questions about the Kyron case. . .  Before I start, let me preface this with my desire to see Kyron to be found safe and sound. I hope and pray that he comes home soon.

What do we KNOW?

Kyron was last seen at school for his science fair on June 4th 2010.

After school that day the search began, and continues though the army of people searching has been drastically reduced to family, friends, and police.

This case is being watched internationally.

The parents are in very close contact with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and are extremely diligent (as any parent would/should be).

The witch hunt is now in full swing. Far too many people fail to understand basic legal concepts and it is driving me up a wall.

The members of the various forums have already convicted Terri Horman and now Dede Spicher. Heck I even saw one of the grandmothers implicated by the forum this morning as she was vocal at first but is not now. WTF over.

Yes, there are plenty of questions about Terri Horman. As of yet there is no evidence that we the public are aware of. If the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has some real evidence, it is being held closely to their vest. I cannot blame them for that at all, as it is a good investigative practice. They are keeping the Horman family well briefed, perhaps too well.

The Horman family wants to, all but accuse publicly Terri Horman, and now Dede Spicher, when they have not even been named as persons of interest.

Let’s ask some questions:

  • What if Terri has in fact shared all she knows?
  • What if the landscapers just want to have their moment in the limelight (doubt it since their are two of them)?
  • Are Terri’s friends not able to assert their civil rights?
  • Are Terri’s friend no longer able to advise her to stay away for the media?
  • Is Terri, no longer innocent until PROVEN guilty?
  • Just how much money has been spent on Kyron’s search?
  • How much money has been spent on the criminal investigation?
  • What is so different about Kyron’s case compared to other missing children?
  • If the name of the child was LaTonia or Jose, would we see the same outpouring of support (though he is quite photogenic)
  • Are Kyron’s parents opening themselves up for civil action with the information that they are releasing along with accusations?

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  1. It is becoming so very hard to believe that Kyron could be alive at this point.
    Is this a case of parents, clinging to all hope?
    I would love to be a fly on the wall of the MCSO investigator's office.
    When the case breaks open (if it ever does) I hope for plenty of REAL evidence and not just a pile of circumstantial evidence.

    1. Sadly, I also doubt that Kyron still lives.
      Yes, parents clinging….but, I think that LE is playing a big role in maintaining that false hope.
      A "missing child" will incite the public to search;
      a "murdered child" incites the public to demand justice.
      Which of these two scenarios, is easier on LE?

      *btw — nice site, Griz!
      and big thanks to badcat, for the invite!

  2. There does seem to be a witch hunt going on in this case. Clues are everywhere. Terri Horman as the primary suspect or person of interest seems to be a joke when you see her erradic behavior the day of kryon went missing and her general disheveled disorganization there would seem to be no possible way she could or would plot either to have her husband killed or to abduct or murder Kyron.

    1. Certainly those are possible.. But it can also work the opposite in other way's. There's the ol least one suspected scenario as well.

      Like Arcanix.. I'm gonna wait and see who gets arrested and for what!

  3. She has no motive to do anything for which she seems to be accused of. Something else is very wrong in this case and that is the treatment of the case as a child welfare case and not as police work. Even more suspicious is that the police sent divers to Sauvies island in a manner they usually would only do after getting a confession from some one. Who?

  4. Terri Horman lied about her whearabouts because she obviously has a double life going on that has nothing to do with Kyron. It seems more sexual gratification oriented than abusive or criminal. It seems more like someone else may have been hauled down to the police station until they did confess the day or night before the diving epidsode. Who could that have been? A teacher or staff person at Skyline school? A school delivery van driver? It looks like the police may have even recovered a body and kept it quiet with a different diving team fruther down river that the press did not get pictures of that day. One might even be led to believe with all the crap about Terri Horman in the media that a giant police run cover up is underway to protect the schools against budget cuts if a teacher is the one who actally confessed.. We have actually seen this type of thing happen before in the Portland Area.

    1. I know this is an old thread, but maybe you'll see this reply. I would have never thought of your theory, but it does seem really weird that there were these rumors of Kyron's body being found. One of them sounded very credible–it was some mother saying that she knew someone on a SAR team who told her that they had recovered Kyron's body that day. It seems pretty hard to get that information confused. Then the sheriff's dept. denied it. It wasn't like there was a body found but it was someone else–there were no other reports of a body being found. What incident were you thinking of when you said that this type of thing had happened in Portland before?

  5. When I see any of the Terri H photos, I see deep sadness inside this person. She's lost everything, her home, husband and baby girl and possibly her older son, James and lets not forget "Kyron". Only God knows whats happened to him and if Terri really did something to do with his gone missing. I'm very concerned for Terri and her mental health status.
    With the entire world seems against, I see her as possibly taking her own life because of the tremendous pressure…if she's innocent of having anything to do with Kyron missing and just a woman with loose morals and major cheezy behavior.
    What if she really is innocent and she takes the easy way out…wouldn't this be tragic? And if she did have something to do with his missing and she takes it all to the grave with her, then oh wow! 3 months now…Kyron, where are you?!

    1. Yeah, she could be writing that suicide note… but by force from the buyer of Kyron. Looks clear to many that she is a planner. She worked for 6-8 months searching for a hit man to kill Kaine. Motive, money. If motive was freedom she could have divorced Kaine, got the funding for herself and daughter, probably sold and got half the house and all monies. Not enough. During months of search for Hit Man another female popped up in national and international headlines for quite a while. That female was originally from Hayfork and Redding, CA not far from Roseburg OR where Terri grew up. That female moved with parents and other adult siblings to outside Nashville, then Chapel Hill, then Shelbyville, TN where she tried to adopt handicapped 7 y/o through Washington Adoption Agency in Renton. She and her "mommie" flew to Russia, saw the kid, came back w/o him and said he was too handicapped and asked for a normal 7-y/o boy, got one, he didn't satisfy and she airmailed him back to Russia and got most of the USA against her for doing that which meant she would not be able to adopt another boy, ever… but her "mommie" said she wanted a "family" so… what to do… To the Rescue Comes Terri Horman who, incidentally, was born in Grass Valley, CA same town as the "mommie" of the female who bought Kyron. Also, Terri herself was adopted as an infant by mom and pop Moulton, both schoolteachers. Terri is determined, a calculating con artist, and strong. Look at the dedication she had to give to developing her body to win 4th Place in 2005 in the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Contest. No, she is not a victim in this, she is the perp. Theory extends to her meeting Dede and the Buyer on Sauvie (thus the cellphone ping) and Dede pulling Kyron out of truck screaming and crying trying to stay in… he was terrified of Terri for sexualizing him and telling him she would shoot him (thus the judge adding restricting her from firearms in the Restraining Order). Kyron's fight terrified Kiara who didn't have an ear ache, she was traumatized. That kidnap from the truck explains Dede's email to unknown stating that the "ogre" scratched my arms. I hope the term Ogre was in the emails that LE gave to Desiree as information and if any had been sent to Terri, the term Ogre is an 800# Gorilla in the Room of guilt. Buyer gave Terri $350,000 prearranged to cover legal costs which they knew would happen, Terri handed it to Dede who sped back to her garden job and buried it until coast clear to get it to Terri. No, CryTears, Terri doesn't intend to end it, she plans that the buyer has powerful backing for herself, and same is protecting her and is confident case will soon go cold and she and Dede can go to Hollywood with book and movie deals and receive big support monies from buyer until Hollywood deals pay. Thing is, Terri and Dede do not realize what they have done. The buyers won't let them ever talk. Yeah, they will both be ending it and writing notes but at the direction of the buyers because those buyers have their own business going and don't want the Hollywood deals. They want to cut the trails that might lead to them. Bye bye, Terri and Dede. It was Fools Gold. Best chance for your survival is to get a bunch of reporters and invite the LE and give a public confession. Fast. You really don't have much time the way it appears. At least you could be "safe" in prison and if you help rescue Kyron, you might have some safety options for yourselves. Otherwise, it looks like you are both "gonners." Get it? Hey, have a nice Thanksgiving with mom and pop… who incidentally are Kyron's step GRANDPARENTS. Same to you, Dede. Prayers are that this is your last Holiday outside the walls.

      1. I hope you are wrong. But this sounds very probable. How can I find out any facts that back up what you say? And if he has been bought as you say, how do we get him back? How do we identify the buyer? Another boy has gone missing recently, and the facts around his case appear as a snatch and grab, and what worries me most is that he is slightly built and not any means of a fighter… It wasn't custody, and the kid isn't in gangs, and he did not run off. Just poof into thin air.
        Lots of differences form Kyron's case, but still, ANOTHER boy is missing.
        This shit has got to stop.

        1. Guest is making reference to the cellphone call again… it is a common jump to a conclusion, but with their geographic location, I doubt that they know the topology of the area and would not realize the the ping to the cell tower is not reliable in any way shape or form. The radio frequency propagation along the west hills is going to send the signal all over the place.

      2. What shred of evidence do you have that there was a buyer for Kyron?

        There are but allegations, that there was a plot to kill Kaine, remember the police did try to get her in a sting and could not prove anything.

        Yes, it is 189 miles between the city of Roseburg and Redding… and your point? What does the Horman case have to do with the woman that shipped her child back to Russia?

        "female who bought Kyron"?!? what are you talking about? Cite a source please or declare your posting to be fictional or the dream that you had one night.

        The cellphone ping is useless, do to the terrain of the area. It is just speculation that her phone was on the island.

        "was in the emails that LE gave to Desiree as information" if LE is giving emails to Desiree from the investigation, I hope that all parties of those emails sue the living shit out of them. Desiree has NO business whatsoever with investigative material from the case.

        1. Bottom line.. until Kyron is found, this case is cold. I suppose since they aren't under a time constraint to charge Terri, they may be waiting for new evidence, plan B being to move forward with what they have, at some point. It would be wrong, to not proceed at some point with what they have, in hopes of finding more. She deserves to be exonerated, or convicted. A resolution needs to be made. Early on, I supported not arresting in haste, there was no reason to chance a false innocent and risk double jeopardy. I no longer support that.

        2. Lots of people, coast2coast and top to bottom are angry about their thoroughly developed theory of the sale of Kyron and have done loads of research, much provided to officials, and law representatives. Determined to assist in rescue of Kyron. It's time people started doing research themselves, and start with the issue of Artym. Check Shelbyville TN papers archives, check blogs such as Curious people were able to see through rips in the black plastic taped to the house trailer windows and saw lots of video equipment, cameras, photography equipment. (trailer mentioned on that blog). Terri Lynn is nearly same age as that female, and like you mention, around 189 miles between the towns they grew up in and went to school… but that female and siblings were yanked out of public school because of fights (what over?) between their parents and teachers… so they were "homeschooled." Google, or checkout "Fudged Documents" or Fudging Documents in adoption of Russian 7 y/o which caused legal probs btwn Adoption Agency in Washington and the Agency in Kentucky responsible for vetting or investigating the would be adoptive "mom" and the environment the Russian would be entering. Russia has strict requirements for their kids to be introduced to area, to go to school, other. Big surprise when the Russian boy told officials in Russia there was another boy, called Logan, living in his home that was to be considered his "brother." Reporters tried to find out details and identity of "Logan" but could not determine parentage, birth certif, real name (some reporters called him the "bio" boy but couldn't determine who was his mom or father, and could not find anyone who had seen "Logan" up close, (a couple of women thought he played in the fenced yard and was noticed during yard sale) or knew anything about him. Superintendent of Schools that covers Shelbyville, Mr. Gray, said they didn't even know the boy existed until news of the Russian boy came out. He'd be about 9-10 y/o now. Start your research there. Find his last name, where he was born, find his birthcertificate. Try for interesting tree. Boy never went to school, no friends, no visits to civic events, no Santa visits, no 4th of July picnics with the community. Then come back and say what's the connection. Theory is Kyron is the boy's replacement since he's too big and too old to control. What is going on with the sale of Kyron is a horror in Northern California. Check Shasta County Court Small Claims and find case by that female's "mom" and a sibling that proves they were back from TN, in Redding in June, a couple of wks after Kyron disappeared. The case was dismissed… what was it about? Against an independent video producer/distributor/editor. hummmm more camera work… much much more, but not now. What questions and what answers can you develop from this? Let's all press to have Kyron rescued… and not allow his search to "chill."

  6. Where are the step grandparents in all of this? Terri is now lodged with her mom and pop in Roseburg, OR, the retired schoolteachers. Will some investigative reporter knock on their door and ask if they have asked their adopted daughter anything about their step grandson's disappearance? Have they tacked up any Find Kyron posters? Have they been investigated, or interrogated by LE? What about all the other grandparents… Kaine's dad who apparently lives in Washington, what about Kaine's mom? These are people who should be front and center standing with Kaine and Desiree to find Kyron, and clearly the Moultons have to hide because they know or suspect their adopted daughter is guilty.

    Please, if there are any left, investigative reporters, cull out the grandparents, and knock on doors of their neighbors and their former employers and any friends. Why haven't you done this?

  7. from CryTears (it was posted on the wrong board…)
    Where is Kyron Horman?
    My prayer is that Terri and DeDe fianlly "human up" tell the truth.
    This precious child deserves to be brought back to his loved ones.
    So, maybe just have those two monsters tell the truth, we find his body (statistically he's no longer alive. I pray I'm wrong!)
    and then they trade places with him!
    Don't you'all agree this would be perfect way to punish those responsible for Kyrons demise?
    Perfect Justice in my book. Now this is when I start believing in an ever lasting burning forever in Hell.

    1. Here is a post that Crytears made to me, which in turn was promptly removed by the admin (not sure why). But it does show that she is a lunatic, or that she is not operating honestly.


      ''Hi Lipz…Long time no contact with you! What happened 2 U? U fall off map? LoL!
      Glad U found me here. I dropped my brand new (2 days old) purple Dell laptop, onto hard cement floor, talk about big crash! Ouch! Hadn’t backed up anything, so lost it all! Is why never ans ur 2 emails! Send short messg so can get ur e’addy= lots 2 share re last convo.
      Hard 2 believe 2 yrs = S's death. I sold my practice, now help hubby in his 1/2 day week ( just gave 8 week notice! LoL!)
      STILL in school= 2 finish up my degree! Doing case study &subject for my thesis.
      AND my book! Is FINALLY ready 4 publishing. Show to feature early spring, same time hits streets! Xciting 4 sure! But intervention from above/ Divine Guidance, Karma, Dogma, and my new Tundra! what ever!
      My experience for sure save some girl from same! Least is my prayer! L8ter! CRY
      PS, You were sooo right about RJ! ''

  8. Was a case of mistaken identity…The reason was removed was I ASKED it be removed when I realized was not same person, they have similar ID.s
    I thought "Lips" was a lost contact/ buddy "Lipz" and simply asked they email me again.
    Don't understand why some people have to be so mean, ugly and nasty.
    I guess they feel threatened by me for some reason. Don't know why it bothers them that I'm doing case study
    and writing my Thesis, finishing my degree.
    I didn't attack this person "Lips" any way shape or form
    but, I take it, THEY are the ones with the problems, not me.
    I know who I am and I know I'm well liked and respected.

    1. I have no problem with that, but at least make yourself understood. I've seen enough of your posts, and their subsequent removal to get the gist. And I never said you attacked me, I never felt attacked, and I don't know why it was removed. If you've mistaken me for someone else, than that's a perfectly logical explanation, and I apologize for my reaction.

      1. No…am NOT "here 2 care" or any other ID….
        have always used CryTears here and other weblogs I'm too busy to try keep tract of just one ID let alone numerous others…besides…why bother doing that anyway?
        Hope you won your bet!::D

          1. I don't get "reply emails" from people who don't log in, so I'm just seeing this now.

            And technically I lost the bet, although I'm quite confident that the tearful one has posted under alternate personas. I still think she's "here2care" regardless. I guess you could reference the IP from many weeks ago, when she posted something snarky on here. Doubt you still have it, though. Meh.

            1. NO…am NOT "here2care".!…go check my IP addy….You are WRONG! But, I don't care what you think!
              Where is this "Here2 care" poster anyway…perhaps has same writing style and thoughts, but you're very mistaken, is NOT me!
              There's lots of people who post…why bother trying to keep track of who I am?
              If i have something "Snarky" to say, I'll say it, not hide under any other ID! NEVER unless having trouble logging on, but then I've ID's myself in my post but thats when I first began posting comments.
              I am NOT a timid..I'm very like-able, friendly, visible person, public speaking,a leader and was a Sheriffs Deputy in my younger years, so I can approach, say whats on my mind, not need to hide behind anyone!
              Why is this bothering you so much anyway? THAT'S a lil creepy!
              hey…I like cats! if that helps! But please! We don't NEED any more feral cats dropped off at our horse barn!

              1. Calm down, Gertrude. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

                Oh, and your excessive use of exclamation marks is delicious, not to mention the caps. I relish the fact that I've stimulated your "shift" key in so many ways. I like it when you play rough, Deputy.

                1. Not wearing any! Helga! I'll give you a wedgie if you're not careful!…
                  glad you can relish anything! Poor wittle kitty!
                  Please….where is that Here2care? Is killing me….argg argg….gotta read too!
                  whats so interesting about what they wrote anyway? Maybe is TH supporter?
                  No longer deputy…didn't have enough testosterone for the ladies side of the force!

  9. Griz, I am familiar with radio wave propagation, and how terrain or other conditions can make it very tricky. I remember shooting skip on 26.275 on FM talking to Pennsylvania at around 100 watts. And you know as well as I do that without a repeater, FM is limited to about 30 miles or so. Anyway, the cell phone data would be useless, but I would hate to think that one little thing as simple as that would allow for her to get away with it, as I think she did. I am really feeling that TH is guilty, I just hope that if I am right that she somehow gets caught.

      1. Piss off, I have not blocked a single message from you… EVER.

        I do not censor my board, the only exception thus far was for a user's personal safety.

        You will find your posts making it to the board much faster if you logged in. posting as a guest requires manual moderation.

        1. er… pissedoffpirate, admonishing people trying to assist in finding a missing 7 yr/o by telling them to piss off, might reveal age and fuse length… ah, what power does to one. Blocks to posts of commenters kind of reveals opposition to the claim that you do not censor your board except for "safety" of users (if your confidentiality/privacy statement is valid, how could commenters be endangered?). Perhaps you didn't see that your whiteout blocks covered my comment to treacherousdad. hummmm This is a serious topic to be involved in and not a Coffee Klatch. Also, you offer options on submitting comments under Guest or Login, without any mention of delayed posting if comment is submitted as Guest. Who Knew? This probably won't be posted because it is annoying to the characteristics described. That's ok, Kyron will be rescued with or without your "ship" Pirate. Am I angry? Nope. Just disappointed that so many do not understand what these kidnapped and sold children are experiencing and rant off in ego-laced positions. Have read a lot of this type of blog – like Blink, who needs much soothing praise from Coffee Klatchers… and they give it in truckloads… but have been pleased to read several blogs that claim Blink blinks a lot.

          1. I told you to piss off in response to an accusation that I had "blocked/removed [your] reply . . . previous comments without explanation"

            I did no such thing. NONE of your comments have been withheld, edited, nor deleted.
            I have had people post a despised person's home address. While legal, I felt that it was not safe for his address to be posted in that manner.
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                1. But not all guests.
                  If this Guest, can accept that if they do not use a login of SOME kind, their messages will get automatically held for a short time. I will still post the messages, but just have to get to an internet connection to approve them.

                  1. This guest isn't that logical. We know how it works, and if we don't we listen to someone who does (you). If that's more than ''guest'' can handle, then ''guest'' should piss off.

            1. To Griz, Thanks. Explanation taken re white blocks probably my computer prob, and delay in posting because of manual requirement. OK. One thing, some of your followers seek your pats, by pricky-pissing other commenters. Hope you can control their telling you how to run your site. Maybe redirect them to BlinkyWinky.

              1. They are not seeking my pats.
                The group that has gathered here, has some aspects that are very much in common.
                We enjoy a lively debate, we respect that we do NOT agree in many areas, and we enjoy expressing ourselves.
                There are topics that we are quite aligned in.
                Should Blink interest them, I suspect that we will hear about it.
                They are VERY free individuals, not a gaggle of Ditto-Heads. 🙂

          2. Do you really think Kyron will be rescued as you say? I've been too busy to keep tract of this story, but was hoping something new had come to light, am terribly disappointed this case seems to be going towards the cold case file.
            I doubt charges of any sort will be filed against both Terri H and DeDe S…just no evidence.
            They just proved you CAN get away with murder…same as getting away with other crimes….grrrr!

            1. Yes. Convinced Kyron will be rescued but thought it would be before Thanksgiving. Didn't take but a couple of days after the vanish and the kleenex kops in front of the cameras that many of us believed this was a done deal. It was clear to us that some powerplayers support the buyer, and Kyron was sold on Sauvie for some silver downpayment to cover fees of legal eagle the seller was directed to. Seller's big breathless moments were when little Ky's unusual behavior was noticed and Kaine told her to make a Doc appointment for him. Uh oh, the doc would find out she had been sexualizing him which caused his behavior change and was the reason she was telling him she would shoot him… if he told what she was doing. That was why the Judge in his Restraining Order told her "no guns" along with the other usual stay away from Kaine etc. So, she was enjoying doing that to Ky to prepare him for the hell she was about to drop him into. That babe is sexually perverted, mean, cold, calculating, dedicated to her purpose. She wanted money. Having Kaine killed was her orig goal vs divorce. She would get the insurance, property, bank $ and could give Kyron to Desiree… but during those search months unsuccessful in finding a hit man, she saw the headlines across the country about another babe near her age, whose mommie had been born in Grass Valley, CA (same as the adopted Terri's birthplace) who had asked to adopt a handicapped boy from Russia through a Washington agency, flew to Russia with her mommie and came back without the kid saying he was toooo handicapped, so asked for a regular 7 yr/o boy, went back to Russia and picked up Artym. Months later after having him prisoner in her compound w/mommie, and the rest of the gang, and without a visit to a dentist, doc, library, haircut, tour of town or meeting other kids or a classroom, (only "friend" was the one boy she already had "at home" who also was never schooled and the press reporters could not identify his parentage) she found Artym didn't read her script right and airmailed him back.

              It was clear to many readers that the LE was never going to bring her in for any explanations, and clear through the US State Dept Rep who told a TV reporter who asked what the female said about sending the kid back "NO, we haven't talked to her. We do not plan to talk to her. There is no need to talk to her." Instead, he was taking a team to Russia (Your dollars) to talk them into thawing the freeze on Americans adopting their kids. The Russians considered the female a child abuser for how she treated Artym as a prisoner and physically mistreated him. Now what would the LE and the US State Dept. rep be saying to YOU if you did that? THINK. What would happen to you if you applied for a Russian boy and didn't tell the vetting agency in Kentucky that there was another boy, extended family, in the household? Read below the fold in Shelbyville paper probably archived now about legal fight btwn the KY agency and the WA adoption agency about who hid the kid. There has been no news article showing resolution. Just who is that family, what are their activities? Why did they move from Hayfork to Redding CA (sent to public sch short time then home schooled after parent fights with school authorities -mentioned by neighbors in news articles), then when kids grown, all moved together like a Charlie Brown cluster, to outside of Nashville, then edge of Chapel Hill, then edge of Shelbyville TN where the adoption took place, and then, why did they move back to Hayfork, CA where papa had his Logging Business dissolved by the Secy of State of CA in August 2010, and mommie and another sibling of the female slammed a small claims suit against a guy in Redding for $5000 claiming he hadn't refunded their June 10, 2010 deposit for some property. (gee that was a few days after Kyron vanished). The guy is a video editing/distribution whatever private business. Claim settled out of court, no info on if there was a refund or if property purchase completed. Suit filed June 24 2010. Geesh, much interest in videos apparently… the female had fights in Chapel Hill per newspaper article, over a huge house trailer she owned down a deadend road a distance from the "family" residence and had windows covered from inside with black plastic sheets but curious folks peeked and saw video cameras, cameras, photography equipment… this female RN had a photography hobby it looks like, in addition to seeking 7 yr old boys to add to her current boy.

              Keep the focus on Kyron. We are convinced the buyers are getting very nervous and that makes the body-gals worried because they are not kept advised, and are guessing. If this turns out like it just might be headed it will be one of the biggest events in the USA since the upset in Nebraska. It would be a good move for those "insiders" who hold clues to get them to some national reporters, sooner the better. If they demand protection, the reporters would more than likely get the right help… otherwise, more orange jumpsuits will be needed.

                1. Gritz and Badcat, sorry, cannot read your replies. Just see name, date, and a blank white space. My computer needs upgrade. Will return when I can, very busy on the Kyron searches. Will check in to see if anybody comments with information on my comment, but won't be leaving comments until good news. Best to all, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Another tough holiday because of the creeps who are involved with tormenting Kyron. He will be rescued and the evil beings given justice. Soon, but can't be soon enough.

  10. I'm terribly disappointed that this case has seemed to be headed in the cold case files.
    But do any of you think her dressing him in the CSI t-shirt a bit of a "thumbing her nose" at LE?
    So many were hopeful that Kyron had simply been secreted away and would be home by now. But looks like we'll never know whats happened to this precious child. And if Terri is guilty, she got away Scott Free, so has DeDe.
    I'm wondering if Terri has any regrets or as a typical psychopath, doesn't care, on to her next relationships, and hope they like sexting!

  11. I forgot…I've been busy decorating for Christmas functions/dinners for homeless and Aids day care centers, so haven't had much time to follow up on Kyron Horman case….I see its just going cold, or looks that way.
    But last time I was here = POP, someone thought I'd been was using a different ID/name,,
    think they had a bet going…answering your question, NO!
    I've only used a configuration of my real name, wondering why so interested in lil ol me? but what ever!
    And if anyone would like to donate to my cause…please do so! it's rather spendy "project" I provide everything from table top up.
    Last week I did a breakfast for 200…ice blue snow-flakes…hung 150 foot wide plastic snowflakes from dollar store
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    So many people having hard times financially and I can't do it all!
    I'm needing four $200 WinCo food cards to give to each family. So if you're wishing to help in this, please post here.<3

    1. Thank you for your efforts on such wonderful causes!
      I volunteer for many events, but the budget is too limited to lay much cash out.
      I did participate in the giving tree again, which always makes me feel good.

      1. No problem Griz…I feel blessed just being able to do what I can do. My husband is a cancer "survivor" but things don't look all that bright cheery for him…his last two surgeries were brutal. But he's still working and able to function. He's going to help me this Monday where
        I'm decorating for 150 dinner participants for HIV day center, I'm doing it up big time, plate chargers, white china and all!
        My belief is just because one is poor or ill doesn't make them any less a person for enjoying nicely appointed dinner tables!
        So think good thoughts for me all day Monday as I'm exhausted already, too many functions so far…all non gratas, but is my passion, in making others have smile on their faces.
        Guest, we adopted 2 out of country children. Was very expensive and long drawn out battle, then gave them private educations and perhaps too many goodies and privileged as they both struggle too many bad memories. We've learned after the fact these children fail to love anyone, this includes the Russian children who'd been coming into the US by the thousands. Now these children growing up and adoptive parents learning these children just unable to love or cope with being dumped by their real parents. Once this news got out regarding these children being very problematic, adoptions slowed down.
        I've not heard what you're referring to,and like to see where your "theory" is coming from re the family up in Redding.
        I understand LE made humungous mistakes right off, but gosh, how much experience do they have such as this type cases? None to zero! I'm former LE and my husband has a direct connection with LE, so I tend to side with them. Overall I feel they've done what they can and we've not seen most of the "hands" they're dealing with just yet. Terri H is NOT off the hook just yet, but I do have some fear she will be able to get away with murder, given the right defense and able to continue the lie with straight face…but look at OJ. Karmas a bitch!
        I grew up in Grass Valley Ca, and Hay Fork is just outside there. Once you live in such beautiful area, is hard to find similar place to live, work and retire without costing a fortune in housing taxes, once you leave Calif and prop 69 taxing…you're never able to return and buy affordable home/taxes. Perhaps is why that family moved east? And not here to the Pacific North Wet! Redding is hotter than haties in summer…often 110* where Grass and Penn Valley much nicer area plus you have 4 seasons.
        And although Terri H considered rather pretty..a bit chunky…I take offense to her being called a "Babe!"…perhaps a different "B" word more befitting!

      1. It wouldn't allow me to log in…so I finally used my old server addy and password, and that worked! guess was from long ago!
        I'm not all that familiar with posting on public forums until this Kyron case….I'll try change/update it.
        Hey…how can I convince these guys I'm NOT here2care?
        Why such "intense" curiosity anyway?
        Oh well…can think what they wish. I'm a totally honest soul.
        if they've got time on their hands, sure could use them!
        There's lots to do out there and if you've got extra time, why not spend it doing good and for helping others!?!

        1. Ahh there you are!
          Well, as far as convincing anyone, I suspect that will just be time.
          Almost all of us here are Intense Debate users from our local news pages.
          We like that we can scan our friends postings to see if there is something of interest and it follows us across multiple sites.
          I am very active in several organizations in my off hours.

          1. But whaaa! Girls gotta have something to crab about eh?
            Happy Holidays to you too!….I' had loads of fun decorating for this dinner…is for homeless and HIV people.
            I'm proud of myself! Did it up big time! They're going to surprised when they walk into the room and dinner tables
            looking like a wealthy mans party! So was a long day!
            These are what makes my holidays happy!.

  12. Anyone read Oregonian re OWIN? What a huge waste of money….and the recent bids, for new system, wow!
    Wonder if the money dedicated will end up being pulled. But seriously needs upgrading, but in todays economy doesn't look good.

  13. in 6 months it will be a year..come on now ..kaine and desiree what is goin gon..i know the news and the law has todo their job..but i think its time to lt the public know whats up..what eveidence you have and what are they not telling us..and as far as terri taking the fifth amendment..too late..she already knows and it will come out..what happened to putting children first..JOhn walsh or someone who has great psychic abilities lets find this child..for heavens sake he missed christmas..heavenly father please bring this child home..enough suffering..lets tell what we know..this is getting ridiculous..I guess Terri has no heart ..or conscience..lets just let her hang herself..what do the authorities have on her cell phone..whats going on..

    1. I have never heard Terri say that she was taking the 5th.
      I suspect that she has consumed a few fifths during this ordeal.
      Nothing appears to be going on.
      There does not appear to be any evidence.
      Nothing new to report, it is the same old lynch mob with nothing to back them.

    2. momstepmom…and in 2 yrs will be 2 and 1/2 years…and so on. LE and Kyrons loved ones are NOT going to share ANY information with public for many reasons…its THEIR child, NOT us readers/posters….if were my child missing, I wouldn't let the public in on any information as this case is still open. And as long as Kyrons missing and we know whats happened, most of the information known will remain top secret. Just Look at what LE held back from Desiree regarding Terri's emails where she told of her hatred towards the boy.

      We have NO RIGHT to make demands they tell any of us just what they all know….what if Kyron really is still alive and LE is about to find him? We'd never want to jeopardize his return just so we can "feed" on latest news.
      If news hungry, maybe go find a different story to chew on, if this case is too "cold" for you!
      BTW…I'd LOVE to know what we're not being told too, but isn't any of my business as I'm just another reader.
      As far as those having special psychic abilities finding children, I say, What a CROCK!
      If you knew where he was, wouldn't you tell? Why would someone who thinks has psychic ability not share as well. Is because psychics don't have special ability over you or I do…if they did, then all psychics would be very wealthy, winning all lottery and they wouldn't need the few dollars gained over finding lost child. Show me a psychic who has special powers and I'll sell you beach front property in Arizona!
      As far as "Taking the fifth"..or pleading no comment, or Miranda rights, I think one has to at least be charged or be named as a person of interest. in order to plead. I do NOT wish Terri hang herself. Why should she do that? What if she did, and really did harm Kyron. That would be easy way out and she'd take all the answers to the grave. NO ONE wants that!
      And as far as what was on her cell…A ping around Sauvie Island…but BIG DEAL!…
      and those sexually explicit messages, with a few naughty photos….we know she's a pig!
      We also know she's a liar as she wasn't honest when telling LE of her whereabouts that morning.
      I agree…this is totally frustrating not knowing the answers to what happened to Kyron.
      I wouldn't wish this nightmare on the worst person on earth.
      And Terri doesn't look or act innocent. A high paid legal defense teams a little overkill, especially when hasn't even been named a suspect, all points she is NOT an innocent person…but of what? THAT is a question we'd all love to know.
      But….could be years before we learn what happened to him and we must face the fact, we may never know and IF Terri killed him, then she got away with murder as far as suffering the consequences, but unless she's a complete psychopath, the truth will eat at her till the day she dies. Her life cannot ever be normal.
      I don't mean to be nasty, but really…its NOT our nightmare, is just another story of a child gone missing. Happens every day around this world and we aren't owe'd one word from LE as far as this case goes…but….would love to know! for sure, for sure!

  14. I really hate to write this but within minutes of the press releases of this story, I wrote that this is bad very bad. I got a tonne of TD's but here we are Kyron is still missing. Think about this……is this going to be the perfect crime that will not be solved for decades? I sure hope not, it is pretty obvious that Kyron is dead, otherwise he would have turned up at a medical facility, been seen by someone somewhere or his body would have been discovered. Look at the 10/12 year old boy whose body was found burned beyond recognition and an "aquaintance" of the family has been arrested. Is the step mom an "aquaintance" in this case. I have a real deep hatred for anyone that harms a child, seniors or animals….step mom Terri do you fit in that catagory?????

  15. oops, can't find previous posts, probably not looking in right place… this page shows last comment was 1 wk ago. Sure hope folks aren't losing interest while those determined are not going to stop until Kyron is rescued. I have no doubt Kyron is alive and believe he is hurting and in terror at the hands of the buyers. Latest searches cause questions regarding mom and pop school teachers who raised adopted daughter Terri. What did they do to turn out an adult with so many deep problems… such hate as spewed by Terri in her emails toward a child per Desiree's reference to Terri's hate towards a little 7 yr old boy that she had the privilege of being a stepmother to for most of his little life, what did her adoptive parents do to her to develop such a monster? Wonder if they are her hostages in their home because she could tell on them if they don't cooperate. hummm Anyway, research and speculation brought this expectation that was proven true: the divorce proceedings would again be halted… last time, the hearing was rescheduled. This time not. Is that justice for Kaine and Kiara or just for Terri? Of course nothing is being said about why the Sheriff set February as the next public announcement after he meets with the commission in charge… Could it be they must clang the case cold before April 15th? hummm Of course Terri could probably be granted an extension, seeing how she is coddled… but how long are extensions, and can she get multiple extensions or just tell the IRS to blow off, she has 5th amendment rights NOT TO FILE…. is that possible??? But then, the attorneys must file., don't they, and must identify income from all sources, and where their source got the moolah? Maybe the IRS officials are waiting and maybe Patrick Fitzgerald of Chicago area also called "Elliot Ness" by some, will have a long reach to help the IRS or help their officials. Wouldn't it be awful if she is forced to tell where the $350,000 came from but refused and instead took some jail time so she wouldn't have to talk about Kyron, counting on folks to forget? Safety zone? Oh so many things people are talking about. Just a newly developed thought. Remember Al Capone?

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