Illegal immigant children

You know that I have little to no use for illegals in the United States.
There is a touchy spot for me when it comes to the kids. Obviously the law is pretty clear on the matter. I care a great deal about the welfare of kids.
They were not born here, their parents are not US citizens, so they must go.

We are seeing some of these heart tugging cases where the child was a newborn or at least very young when they were brought to the US. I feel for them, as in many cases they have no language skills in the language form their country of origin. Yes, they need to be deported, but it sucks. A case in point is the one right now in Florida. The girl was 4 when he family brought her here from Colombia. She has done very well in school and is graduating valedictorian. At some point in her youth, someone that loved her should have started the paperwork to get her legalized before this came to a head.
Now the issue is blowing up and of course the pro-illegal camp is trying to use this to set policy and make it that much easier for the criminals to stay in this country.

Daniela Pelaez, you were dealt a difficult hand… apply for citizenship, we know that you are smart, or at least have the determination to get mostly A’s. Fight to get your green card and come back to the U.S. legally.

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      1. Do you really think the "celebrity" of her situation would stop them from taking her if she enlisted? They took Elvis. Well in her case she is already illegal so that would be a problem, but if she were to go back to her "home" country then seek enlistment……Ehh, you may be right…

  1. My biggest issue with illegals and babies is the idea of anchor babies.

    Ok, my idea has a lot of problems too, but I like it better than our current policy. If the parents really came here to give the baby a better chance, and not just to make use of a loop hole to get in the country, then fine. The baby is here now, a citizen, deport the parents and put the baby up for a closed adoption. If they really came here for the reasons they claim then this would accomplish that. If they didn't, they will take the baby home with them and their faces should go on the immigration sheets as a multiple violator, meaning that they can never become a citizen.

    Yes this would put more children in the system that is already over burdened, but only a temporary spike. I'm betting that when the word gets around that a baby won't get you citizenship, the whole anchor baby thing will vanish.

    1. I could not have said it better myself. In past coverage of this topic, I had suggested adoption, but not closed adoption. I think your adjustment would be better.My preference would be to adjust the Constitution. We are no longer trying to grow a new nation. Perhaps it is well past time to require that one of the parents be a citizen to be an anchor baby.

      1. I think your on to something there. If one of the parents is a citizen, and they are married, the other one gets a fast track to citizenship anyway. I've always interpreted the 14th amendment to be for the purpose of giving citizenship to the native population that weren't originally considered citizens, and to the immigrants that were here when the country was first founded. I don't think it was meant to continue to its present usage.

    1. Yes we ALL know that old saw…We appreciate that our forefathers immigrated. Most of them came over legally I am sure.We are a fully grown nation.  Population growth is no long something that we are looking for.It was established long ago that there were legal ways to come into America and illegal ways.I am rapidly becoming so frustrated with the bullshit that the recent administrations have tolerated that I am close to supporting really bad things.That would be why.

      1. Hostility to immigration, legal or not, has been around since the early days too.

        The original make up of our nation was heavily Protestant. They voiced much fear about the "mongrelization" of America due to Catholic immigration. (Irish, Italian, etc.)

        I don't think that America is done growing any more now than we were 200 years ago. How could we be done growing?

          1. Land of the Mouse was really great. My only regrets have to do with some lame group coordination difficulties that happened with our friends… too much sitting around instead of really soaking it up. But the place lived up to, and often exceeded, my nostalgic childhood recollections, and that's a pretty rare thing.

        1. I have absolutely no issue with immigration.It is not uncommon at all for me to offer help to immigrants if they are studying for their test. We are only the 66th most densely populated country in the world (for countries with a population over ten million and I am okay with that.It is not something that I want us to strive to be number one in.

            1. I'll vouch for that. We didn't have our first child until over 6 years of marriage. We wanted to make sure we were financially secure and mature enough for parenthood. We married young and needed time to travel and do some things before children. And, birth control played a big part in the plan.

            2. Careless? Only if they don't take responsibility after the fact. Horny? I'm there. Always. Heheheheh hohohoo hahahh Sorry dude, you maybe miss the context. I'm lit. Go to hell. 🙂 Just kidding. You're alright, man. For a lefty. Heheheh

              1. we always will have both.

                and, well, since no one exactly is reading between the lines of my formulation, I'm gonna get right down to business and spell things out.

                There are those who want to frame a debate as Pro-choice vs. Anti-choice. And the other side wants to frame the debate as Pro-Life and Anti-Life.

                As far as I'm concerned, I see each side best described as follows:

                * Those who want to tell the careless horny people with the unwanted pregnancy: What's important is that the life take hold and you do your best (for whatever that is worth) to deal with it. And the chips will fall where they may.


                * Those who want to tell the careless horny people with the unwanted pregnancy: What's important is whether you are up to the challenge and responsibility of dealing with this situation. If you cannot or will not, then what kind of person are you going to bring and raise into this world? What kind of world are we going to populate with people that come into it from this situation and parents like you??

    2. Why not start with controlling the borders as step 1? Then, get a handle on H1B1 visa abuse. Next, create a NAFTA (as long as it continues to look like it won't be repealed) guest worker program. Current illegals of Mexican and Canadian citizenship could then apply for the guest worker cards which would have to be renewed annually. To get a guest worker card the illegal would have to pass a health check and criminal background check. After 5 years of guest worker card and maintaining a clean record, they could be given a permanent resident status and put on the track to citizenship.

      Anyone found here illegally from Mexico or Canada without a guest worker card after the implementation date would be deported and not allowed to apply for the guest worker card for 5 years.

      Finally, a serious attempt would be need to be done to enforce this process and enforce the other current laws on the book, strictly. Implementing the process should involve several steps over a period of 3 to 5 years to make sure each step is in place and working before the next step is started. The first step being securing of the borders the first year or two whether that means additional border patrol or ICE personnel and/or additional obstacles such as fences or walls. This would have to be in conjunction with the State Department taking a proactive roll in straightening out the H1B and H1B1 visa process and abuses of that process. Next step would be implementation of the guest worker card procedures after the border is secured.

      Until the guest card procedures are implemented, the current laws would remain in effect and enforcement. 5 years after the implementation of the guest worker cards, the green cards would start to be issued. The number of green cards would be limited each year to a level determined by the Congress, President, or State Department. Those with guest worker cards not given a green card due to the limitation, would be allowed to extend their guest worker cards.

      Anyway, that's my seed of an idea. I'm not married to it, but it would be a start. Now, I have no idea why the two parties cannot come up with something. Oh, first they would have to be less recalcitrant in their positions.

        1. Uh, because you're a democrat-centrist. 🙂

          Me, I'm non-affiliated. So, the idea is what it is. After re-reading my post I would make some modifications. Like, including the current process of green cards and accelerated path to citizenship for those who join the military. Also, revocation and permanent banning of those holding guest cards who commit a crime whether in this country of their home country.

          Regardless, the first step is secure the borders. And, I would even endorse use of out military to do so.

          I'm sure it could use even more adjustments. Maybe timelines would be need to be increased. Depends upon the difficulty of putting the process together.

          The main reason I see something like this as a solution is the math. There are currently approx 12 million illegals in this country. It is possible that they could all be deported if there was a political will here. But, realistically, I don't see that kind of political will existing here, to much political division and entrenchment. So, other solutions have to be explored.

          Another thing that I would like to see is the repeal of NAFTA. I don't think it is a treaty that is or has been in the best interests of the country.

          1. ha!

            No, I meant, why do you think "your side" is unable to come up with good ideas like yours here. By the way, it sure sounds like you are supporting the DREAM act. I recall Rick Perry got in some pretty hot water for supporting this with his "have a heart" comment.

            1. I don't support illegals being allowed to get in-state tuition. I support the repeal of NAFTA. I don't support the giving of citizenship to children born in this country when both parents are illegally here.

              These are just some ideas from "my side" that the "other side" doesn't like. So, in Congress, instant stalemate. My idea only covers those already here and instead of "comprehensive" all at once actions, it is a one at a time implementation in steps.

  2. Although, I sympathize with the girl's situation. We are a nation of laws, and she is not a citizen. She has no green card and is here illegally. Deportation is the proper conclusion to this case.

    I also have a difficulty with the anchor baby issue of illegal immigration.

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