Illegal immigant children

Oh, how time and experience can change feelings. (I will also be editing the parent page to make sure that it is also shifting with my position.)

Six years ago my stance was a bit harsh. Let’s fast forward to current day (06/17/18).

We have the tard in chief splitting the children from the adults as they are apprehended crossing our southern border. Is this happening at our northern border? Not fucking likely. To be fair, I will say that I have not looked. Perhaps if time permits I will. As an indictment against my government, I don’t think that they are because Canadians are most often white. They are the reasonable Americans to the North. For my Canadian readers, I do not intend for this to be offensive. I do realize that while the orangutard (orangaturd?) is in the White House it is more offensive. We can only hope that his successors help restore sanity to our nation and that they stop us from appearing to be mentally challenged children.

This new practice by ICE is being played down as to protect the children. Since they are coming over the border, they assert that they are likely part of the child sex trafficking rings. How long did they brainstorm over that shit?

These are families. They deserve compassion and fair treatment. Am I for amnesty? Nope. We were promised no further amnesties by Ray-gun Ronnie. Since the illegals are requesting asylum, our system is built to consider the facts of their cases. They need to be housed in a manner that is not reminiscent of internment camps (let’s be honest we run/ran concentration camps). If the family has valid claims for asylum grant the green cards and admit them to the country. Urge them to learn the language and customs so that they may assimilate and melt in our pot. If they are not found to meet the asylum criteria, then return them to their country of origin. The country of origin gets the bill. Of course they will not pay it, so we will deduct it from any humanitarian package or loans that we give that country.

The children are just that children. They deserve protection and compassion, just like ANY other child. I hope that the UN slaps the shit out of T-Rump for this atrocity. Hit us where it will hurt. Our government needs to learn that we do not run this world, we are merely part of it. We are spoiled brats, or that is what we are showing the other countries by this crap.

Screwing over adults is bad enough, but how DARE you screw with kids. T-Rump, you deserve horrific acts to befall you. I am no longer of the Christian faith, but more of a Pagan. I will take the bad karma (I know that I do far more good than harm) and with you an unpleasant death sooner than later. Am I condoning assassination? Nope, that would be illegal. Would I shed a tear? also nope. Back to the real topic, don’t hurt kids.

I admit that I am torn on how to handle kids that have been in the country for as long as they can remember. I would hope that they or their parent will jump on trying to get them legal status to prevent screwing up their adulthood.

Please protect the children, crossing the border illegally was not there idea. They cannot simply say “No, papi, no podemos hacer eso. es ilegal, ¿hay alguna forma legal para que podamos ingresar a los Estados Unidos?”  (“No, daddy we cannot do that. it is illegal, is there a legal way for us to get into the United States?”) I should have made you look it up.

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