Illegal Immigration

Long time readers here are not going to like this shift much.

My position on illegal immigration has seen some shifting. I do not care what nation they have come from. I want to see immigration, we need it. If we are all the same, we get pretty boring. Immigration is a great thing. Unless you are original native, you have enjoyed the benefits of immigration. Remember that our borders were pretty open. we have some citizens still alive (few, but they are here) that were born before 1924 when we started restricting immigration. That is relatively recent.

Both sides of the aisle have fought and ignored the problem of securing our borders for generations. Why? Because they both suck and there is no real money to be had from the fight.

At the time of the last amnesty Ronnie Ray-gun Reagan promised that there would be no further amnesties because congress would secure the borders. Guess what? He lied, like he did pretty well. The problem grew and grew. Now it is so enormous that it is very doubtful that we could afford to do anything.

I am opposed to amnesty, but perhaps a provisional amnesty is in order. If all illegals (that have not already done so under DACA) register and and get their backgrounds checked get a provisional green card.

Perhaps they can enlist and serve 4-8 years (I lean toward 8) in a branch of service and get an honorable discharge… they should receive citizenship with that DD-214. If they put their life on the line to protect this nation, we owe it to them.

If we use this investigatory time well and find that the individual did not commit any felonies (other than the illegal immigration itself) then any identity theft issues could be set aside pending a period of time with a green card. If they meet all of our requirements of citizen like behavior let them have a standard green card so that they can live their lives and earn citizenship.

Deportation will need to be used, of course. It is pretty clear that the vast majority of those that have slipped into the US have lived quiet productive lives. They have been paying into systems that they can not collect down the road. They have paid plenty of taxes. Sure, there are plenty that have worked under the table and paid nothing to society other than their labor and friendships. Once they get right, the society itself will improve.

The orangutard in charge thinks a glorious see through wall is the answer. No, Mexico will not pay for it. All of you idiots that got your panties wet over that campaign trail claim should be ashamed of your stupidity.  I used to be pro wall, but I learned something of interest in the matter. somewhere around 80% of the illegal aliens are due to visa overstays. Yep, we had already granted access to them. They just did not leave when they were supposed to or failed to renew their visa. So you think that  spending an inordinate amount of cash to attempt to clamp down on the southern border will be a wise expenditure? The fiscally responsible party (my ever loving ass) thinks that it is a wise decision.

Both parties need to come together to determine how they will come up with a long term fix to this mess. Then, only after that has been done they will need to determine if we must break the promise to America and grant a final amnesty.

America is a melting pot…. wait, it is NOT a melting pot. I wish I could remember who it was that pointed that out… in a melting pot you end up with an alloy from the mix. We do not have a grey population, we have a very wide variety of color in our country. We are very diverse, which is wonderful to me. So much to learn from each other. We live in a mixing bowl, kind of like a huge fruit salad. We are able to identify most of the components in the mix at a glance, others… well we have to look closely and still guess.

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      1. I haven't been here for awhile, but saw you over at CVN and it reminded me to come visit. Your piece expresses thoroughly what I have been yapping about for ages. You should have a blog! 🙂

          1. I will admit, I got confused and thought this was his.  You have done a nice job with this, by the way.  The doc tell me my memory will likely improve over the next 12-18 months.  What will I do when I no longer have this excuse? :-v

  1. I think we all know how I am with video links…
    However considering the issue and that I am adding plenty of other text, I will go ahead and post this link.
    The growing tolerance for criminals, is causing me to simmer inside and the intensity is growing.
    The erosion of our immigration policies is out fo control. With so much of it being slipped in here and there make it more infuriating.
    At some point people are going to start taking actions that the general population will not unserstand.
    Perhaps that is why the goverment was trying to do emergency drills using the scenario that there was an amnesty and due to the violence, guns were being seized… really? who thought that this was a good idea?

    anyway, this video was released by William Gheen (president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC). It is covering a speech where the illegals soaked up much of the presentation time, but they found it funny when he brought up the North Carolinians that have been killed by illegals.… index=1&feature=plcp

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