Illegal Immigration

Those that know me know that I am not a racist… While I may know and tell off color jokes I know what is and isn’t ok.

HOWEVER with that said, I must say that regardless of nationality, I am not willing to tolerate illegal immigration.

I do not care what nation they have come from, I want them gone.

When I, as a white male, make this suggestion, I am going to be branded a racist… To the groups that make that brand on me, KISS my ever loving ass.

Yes, my political bones are being rattled, I am tired of seeing this.

When they want to group in mass in our city squares saying how unfair it is that we want to prevent illegals from getting drivers licenses, why doesn’t INS close off those streets and start checking ID? Here in The Portland Ore area, we had INS raid a business that was employing illegal aliens. What did the Latino community do? Protest! Cool, protest is fine and I support is whole heartedly. Do you think that when the FBI busts a piracy ring, do you think that the pirates will gather to protest? No… They will do it from the safety of the web. If you are a CRIMINAL, you tend to not gather for a public protest. Did America and the Latino community forget that we are talking about CRIMINALS? Hence the term “illegal alien”. Obviously the penalty for being an illegal by itself is not working.

What do you think would happen if we were to charge the countries of origin for returning their residents? I am sure that we can find a way to recover the funds from those countries. We don’t want to hold them in our jails or prisons, as the cost would be far too high, unless we were to pass that cost on to the host country as well. Maybe we could transfer the prisoner to their corrections officers.

Sure there are times of frustration, where I would like to see heavy handed measures taken, but this is not one of those moments. When we have situations where a legal resident (either by birth or naturalized) driver gets into an accident with an illegal alien driver who does not have a license… we are told, well they would have gotten a license if it were allowed and that the offending driver isn’t a criminal… WHAT!?! You mean that they made 1. Being an illegal alien 2. Driving without a license and 3. Driving without insurance is no longer against the LAW? Hey, that’s three strikes, they are OUT!

I do understand that kids born on American soil are citizens and I am really torn there. I care a great deal about kids. I am not sure if they should be allowed to be citizens since they were here in an illegal alien. Kind of a fruit of the poison tree concept. Or, we can take the kids, and let them be raised in American homes as the American citizens that they are, but deport the rest of the family. Perhaps the expectant mothers won’t want to take that kind of risk. The other side is that I wish no harm to the innocent children of the world.

The current population of undocumented aliens is quite significant. We must call upon ALL of our legislators; federal, state, and local to enact laws/ordinances to bring a halt to the illegal immigration and enforce current laws. We have some cities that have put safe haven type laws into effect… those have to end.

For the blind patriots out there… Yes, I am AWARE that America is a melting pot…. wait, it is NOT a melting pot. I wish I could remember who it was that pointed that out… in a melting pot you end up with an alloy from the mix. We do not have a grey population, we have a very wide variety of color in our country. We are very diverse, which is wonderful to me. So much to learn from each other. We live in a mixing bowl, kind of like a huge fruit salad. We are able to identify most of the components in the mix at a glance, others… well we have to look closely and still guess. Just WHAT is Michael Jackson, besides a talented artist?

It is up to US to tell our elected officials about our feelings in large numbers, otherwise they will hide behind fears that they don’t want to lose this ethnic group or that ethnic group’s votes. Let them know that they do have to worry about the votes from those of us that can and do legally vote.

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      1. I haven't been here for awhile, but saw you over at CVN and it reminded me to come visit. Your piece expresses thoroughly what I have been yapping about for ages. You should have a blog! 🙂

          1. I will admit, I got confused and thought this was his.  You have done a nice job with this, by the way.  The doc tell me my memory will likely improve over the next 12-18 months.  What will I do when I no longer have this excuse? :-v

  1. I think we all know how I am with video links…
    However considering the issue and that I am adding plenty of other text, I will go ahead and post this link.
    The growing tolerance for criminals, is causing me to simmer inside and the intensity is growing.
    The erosion of our immigration policies is out fo control. With so much of it being slipped in here and there make it more infuriating.
    At some point people are going to start taking actions that the general population will not unserstand.
    Perhaps that is why the goverment was trying to do emergency drills using the scenario that there was an amnesty and due to the violence, guns were being seized… really? who thought that this was a good idea?

    anyway, this video was released by William Gheen (president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC). It is covering a speech where the illegals soaked up much of the presentation time, but they found it funny when he brought up the North Carolinians that have been killed by illegals.… index=1&feature=plcp

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