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Rather than clutter the daily feed with images that may not be fully work safe, I am going to corral them here for your review. I am also placing the original post text with the pics and will remove them from the feed as part of the cleanup. This will be a growing page, as I do not expect Facebook to fully understand how to review and enforce its guidelines properly.


#0 days in the hole… for an area covered by shadow.

















This one, I was banned for a three days over. Then twice for another two months after they offered the image for me to promote the image… dumbfucks. like I am going pay cash to spread around an image that sent me to FBJ. My main account, I have been more careful with to avoid jail time. It is an implied act. Foreplay to the foreplay.















Facebook doesn’t like this pic. It doesn’t violate their guidelines in my reading of them, but that is not new for them.





















So, apparently I am a real problem child for Facebook. I may be on a watch list at this point.

It may be important for those that post content such as this to protect themselves a bit more by changing the hash values for the files that we post. What is a hash value? It is basically a mathematical value derived by analyzing the file itself. They are like fingerprints for an image. One of the easiest ways to change the hash value is to use the windows snipping tool to take a shot of the image but make one of the edges slightly smaller. then you can paste it to Facebook. The image will look the same, but will be mathematically night and day.























I had a post tonight get selected as spam… if I said that it wasn’t spam then it would be reviewed against the community standards. You tell me…




















C’mon Facebook, your community standards are pretty skewed.

Artistry and pornography/nudity are different things.

I pulled another stint in Facebook jail:

This is the culprit. For this I get three days off from FB. I see far more objectionable material on FB.
















So, I landed in Facebook Jail again.

The same day that Facebook announced that they were adding 3000 staffers to patrol Facebook they deemed one of the images on a page that I run to be in violation of their community standards.

Since it has been a while since that page ran afoul of their standards, I only incurred a 24 hour sentence. I have had three days and possibly a week before. I suspect that the team that does this is overseas and not applying an American standard. The last time that this happened, I removed Gigglez as an admin on the page as they were blocking her as well.

I have appealed but do not expect any movement, but they can kiss my ass, as I do not care.

If you have never been in FB Jail, you can view your page, but not do anything other than read or play the games etc. No comments, no shares, not even something as simple as a like on something.

This is a very similar image. I believe that mine was even more covered by the underwear. I do not recall seeing any of the “nose” at all. It was just alluding to the nose. Since they delete the image, I cannot remember for sure. I posted it weeks/months ago on an 18+ only page, as in your account must say that you are 18+ to view the page.

















While my main account was already in FBJ, I got hit again. So this was an image that I do not know when it was posted. The good thing is that they did not extend my sentence.




















Can you see the infraction here?




















It is the hard on that I did not see when I posted it. Pretty lame huh?




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