Don’t Put Words in my Mouth

I mean what I say and I say what I mean, unless I am being a devil’s advocate. Some may never know which case it may be during a debate. I love to debate issues, I was raised on it.

Just because I feel that Israel should not exist, that does not mean that I have any ill feelings towards people who believe in Judaism.

I am opposed to an area being taken from a people politically and handed over to another group of people simply because of their religion. I care not for what the religion may be. It is wrong.

While here in America, we are taught that we have “Freedom of Speech”, but when that speech is counter to the ruling power’s ideology, then it is seditious, treasonous, or… unpatriotic and we must be in support of terrorism. In some case, like this, we are racist or anti-Semitic. Yes, I can hate the existence of Israel, and prefer to consider it Palestine. It was Palestine while the British ruled it. Then the U.N. decided that the Jews needed a home. For some reason, it was decided that they should be returned to the land where their faith was formed. I can see that, but to give them the country?!? Why?

Isn’t that like saying that we need a place to put all the Indians, since they have been persecuted and sending them back to Asia? I mean since they walked here, millions of years ago.. They are more native than I am, but they are still not originally from America. No race is, regardless of what the politically correct may want you to think. It is not our fault that Columbus was a dumb shit who thought he was in India.

Israel has been protected and coddled by much of the world. We send them millions if not into the billions now annually. Why? We have our own issues to worry about here and Israel is very well able to handle her own affairs. She has a strong military with outstanding training and the best weapons that American dollars can provide. Why is our government building stealth boats with variable freeboard and sending them to Israel. I am sure that it is no longer secret or top secret, I hope. I saw them several years ago. Very cool looking craft, but I think they should be for our use, not another nation’s.

Did we forget that Israel sank one of our Navy’s ships? Yes, look it up. Israel sank the U.S.S. Liberty. That happened in international waters, why are they sinking craft in international waters let alone an “ally’s”? And The Mossad, we must not forget the dark and shadowy exercises that The Mossad has been reportedly up to. I think The Bush’s have taken pages from the Mossad’s legal documentation. Remember that The Mossad is an organization that conducts assassination of its enemies, as would we if it had not been illegalized by President Carter. (I do suspect that we may still assassinate individuals regardless of the law.) We have even seen them murder innocent people (Lillehammer affair) in foreign nations and kidnap from other nations.

Should we really support Israel? They sound like a terrorist nation to me.

I may come back to this and work with it some more, but it was nagging at my mind, so I needed to get it out.

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