The union is complete

If you are reading this, then Gigglez and I are married! There will be more details to follow.   For those that are in the Vancouver/Portland area, you are all welcome to come up to the Back Alley Bar & Grill for the post-reception party, starting at 8pm. You will… Continue reading

The parties from Saturday

OMG… I do not get hangovers often, but I was still under the influence when I woke yesterday morning. For those that attended, that you very much! For the bachelor party, great trip, lifelong memories made there, and a special thanks to Duz, my best man (and I am sure… Continue reading

Wedding stresses

Good morning, Last night the officiant for our wedding let us know that her new job was sending her to Chicago for the week of the wedding. She is scheduled to fly back the day/night before the wedding. Now we all know how Chicago can be for weather, so this… Continue reading

20 days to the bachelor/bachelorette and jack n jill parties.

Time is starting to get short, and I am finding more and more that I need to get taken care of. Like most, funds are not free flowing, so it is a challenge to get stuff taken care of in a timely manner. However the dress has arrived (only the… Continue reading

Fund raising

  Okay, we all know that Gigglez and I are working on our wedding and honeymoon.   We have the date, the dress is on order, the hall has their deposit… Now we are working on raising the capital. I am hoping to get the dress, hall, and airline tickets… Continue reading

The Dress

This afternoon, about the time that I am getting home form work, Gigglez will be dropping the deposit on her wedding dress. That was big hurdle number two, so we are making progress. We are also working on the wedding website and honeymoon registry. For those that are interested, that… Continue reading

It has been a busy day

Well we have been quite busy today. Gigglez had to pull some overtime this morning, so she is grabbing a quick nap. We had a baby shower to go to, which was actually on the same property that we needed to look at for our wedding. After the shower we… Continue reading

What did Griz do over the weekend?

I performed my first legal wedding service! I am not sure who was more nervous, myself or the wedding couple. They were friends from Back Alley who were going to do a JP wedding, but the gang overruled and Gigglez reminded them that I was ordained. Before 24 hours had… Continue reading