Wal-mart; Knuckling under to political pressure, or a convenient excuse for desired policy changes?

By Eyes_Open

I have confirmed with other sources, Wal-mart is suspending ALL orders of ammo and firearms to their stores that carry these items, pending the final wording of the “Federal Gun Control Act” which is now in the hands of President Obama. Is this the beginning of, or escalation of, governmental control of the market? Or the next step in controlling arms to the public? Or both? Or is it just an excuse for Wal-mart to do what it may have wanted to do all along, but couldn’t because of customer pressure?


WTF Walmart?

Did anyone pick up on the Walmart strike in Ellwood Illinois?
Anonymous picked up on this very quickly (which was how I found it) and ran with the story.
I do not think that I have ever seen this kind of response to a peaceful protest.
When have we aver seen an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) threatened to be used on protesters? This thing looked like it was straight from the National Guard Amory.
The initial reports were saying that the individuals in full on riot gear were Walmart security, but I threw flags at that as many of the force were wearing the “police” patches on their fronts and backs.
There were members of clergy that participated and were arrested for sitting in the street.
We are seeing more union busting from Walmart in the last few years, as more case of them fucking over the little guy comes to light. Not paying for overtime, not paying for hours period, sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, safety issues…
It is exposing more and more behavior that we do not want our citizens to have to deal with in the workplace.

At what point will people decide that they have had enough of Walmart and start buying from more socially responible organizations?