Griz’s Grand Experiment Part Deux

So I am going to post the list in two ways, one is as a post.
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Presidential Body Counts

I would like to address the body counts being attributed to various Presidents.

There is plenty of activity on the web about them.

When you look at the Clinton and Obama body count lists, they are all over the right wing sites, they are firmly placed by the birther arguments and appear to be believed.

The Bush Body Count document is out there as well, but surprisingly it is not as entrenched as Clinton’s and Obama’s are


What is your favorite urban legend?

Which of these is an urban legend?

a) Marilyn Chambers appeared on the Ivory Snow box.
b) Couple accidentally returns and erotic tape of themselves to the video store.
c) the Vatican houses the world's largest pron collection.
d) Sylvester Stallone once starred in a porn film

Which of these is true:
a) Coca-Cola and aspirin is an aphrodisiac.
b) Graham crackers were named for a man who believe that unhealthy diets led to sexual excess.
C) Men think about sex every seven seconds.
d) The military puts saltpeter in the food of enlisted men to control their sexual urges.

What is your favorite urban legend?