Does the volume of the commercials bug you?

Another topic idea by crew member Ken.

I grew up in TV and Radio.

My father was an engineer and sometimes ran a camera.

We would discuss stuff form the industry like cigarette burns to time when commercials were able to air. He also told me (in the 70’s) about how it was illegal for the volume of commercials to exceed the audio level of the program that they are airing in.

What the hell happened to that? Time and time again, the show cuts to commercial and the audio is all of a sudden blaring at us.

Well, I don;t know what happened between the 70s and 2010, but something clearly changed as they brought out a new law. The CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) says that while their may be audio highs and lows, the mean volume must match the program that they are advertising in. (Hmmm very much how it USED to be).

Have you checked this out?

Ever file a complaint?

What was your experience? (I would imagine it is much like the rest of our government, quiet until THEY want something from you, like money or your vote.)


Olympic coverage from NBC

Being one who enjoys the Olympics, I was really looking forward to this weekend and the following days of coverage… Until I saw that NBC has botched the coverage worse that previous years.

I will be looking at the on demand options for my dish receiver to see if I can fill the gaps better than this.


NBC paid a cubic buttload of cash for this year’s coverage, so much that the industry was taken by a bit of surprise.

As we looked for what events we would record, we found that the blocks of time were up to ELEVEN hours in length. That is hell on a DVR and the viewer. If I grab eleven hours of HD it will chew up the drive space. just for us to fast forward through the stuff that we did not want to watch to get 20-40 minutes of something that we did want.

In the mean time there are so many other NBC channels that are showing none of the games. Last time NBC had broadcast rights, they did a good job of scattering the events and had shorter blocks (two-three hour blocks I think) and it was much better.

How do you think the coverage of events are going? (besides the underwhelming opening ceremony)


Commercials are part of a copyright for the shows that they are in?

We all dislike the typical commercials, unless it is Super Bowl weekend.

Dish Network is taking all of the major networks to court over their new Hopper product.
There is an assertion that the hopper violates copyrights by skipping commercials.

Dish allows programming to skip the commercials when the content has been on the DVR until 0100 after the day of broadcast.

I fail to see the copyright claim here. Once the content has been recorded who the hell cares?
Did the networks get upset when VCR’s has a fast search function? I suspect they did, but what was done about it?

We understand why there are commercials, it keeps our free to air broadcasting free to the user.
When you are using a technology to skip parts of the recording after the air time, I think this is bullshit and we will see if the courts bend to the will of business or not.

The movies that you found to be moving or important in some way

After establishing that which actors and actresses we have enjoyed the most, what films are at the top?

You might find that the answer to that depends on the genre. I know that I am that way.

Some movies have social importance, other movies are just extremely fun and serve no real purpose other than to let you any 90-120 minutes.

Who was the greatest actor of all time?

We see people act all of the time, but who is it that you feel can pull any role and make it believable?

Actors like Michael Sheen in Music Within, playing Art Honeyman. He captures the cerebral palsy behaviors in such a way that it left you wondering if he had CP.
By the way, if you have not seen Music Within, it is quite worth while.

Rest in Peace Dick Clark

Rest in Peace Dick Clark

Thank you for all of those years helping to form music as we know it.

Thank you for helping bring News Years in with grand fashion and pleasure.

You have been a fixture in the television/music industry for so long.

Looking at the amount of work he has done, it is incredible.

I don’t even want to try to list all of his work.


My heart goes out to his friends and family.

It is a shame to see you go.


(I beat KATU to this story)

Game of Thrones anyone?

I am not discussing plot or characters… I do not watch the show.
Giggles does and is caught up.
Does anyone else here watch?
Is there anyone that does watch that is not caught up?

Before we open this up for discussion, I want to be sure that we are not going to spoil anything.