While fact checking a speech

Yes, I do perform fact checking. Not on everything, but items that seem too good/bad to be true. So, I was listening to one of the Lake Land protesters during the walkout the other day. She made the claim that the number one cause of death for kids was gun… Continue reading

What is the controversy in 13 Reasons Why?

Over the last couple of days Gigglez and I have binge watched “13 Reasons Why” (https://www.netflix.com/title/80117470). The general premise is simple, yet quite complex.  A high school junior commits suicide, but before she does, records a series of audio tapes. These tapes involve all of those that contributed to her… Continue reading

Penn State – who will pay for this?

With all of the abuse, dismissive attitudes, and coverup at Penn State, should their football program be suspended for a year or two? Title IX appears to have an amendment called the Clery Act. The Clery Act makes sure that schools reports crimes that students involved students on or near… Continue reading

Weekend summary

Good morning! What a productive weekend. After I left off from Saturday’s post, we had a really good time at the bar Saturday night. I did have the displeasure of having the singer for one of the bands cup check me while I was not looking. We did block out… Continue reading

One of many giving what they can to help kids have a better life

. One of my co-workers is taking a step to raise funds for a good cause. He is raising funds for St Baldricks. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy… Continue reading

Should Affirmative Action for state university enrollment be continued?

This is more than should it have been used in the first place (kind of like the war in Iraq, we are already there (yes, I am aware we have withdrawn now)). This is whether or not we should keep affirmative action in schools. (Employment may be a question later)

Trayvon Martin Bullshit

This seems to be an issue that is divided along a few lines. Race stance on guns stance on community involvement mandates on the police I have only read a few articles on the subject, so I am still assessing the situation. So many are upset that there has not… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Shogun Koga

Well twenty years ago my son decided that he was done cooking and was ready to see the world. His mom is five foot and a quarter inch (God help you if you forget the quarter inch, at that height you fight for everything you can get) and most know… Continue reading

Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?

There are plenty of jurisdictions that have curfews for minors. Do they EVER work? Are they enforced? Are they effective  for society or the families of the teens?

should teen dads be forced to stay out of sports or other extra cirriculars until the mother is back to school?

I think the title pretty much covers the question. Not much to add.