Artificial Intelligence and Sex

A couple of times a day as part of my job, I flip through my Twitter feed looking for the emergence of cyber security threats. Sometimes, some of the entertainment/technology feeds bring some fun topics.

It is expected that very soon, 2025 I think, we will be faced with a series or ethical and legal dilemmas.

We are about to enter an age that will include robotic involved sex.


Yes, we current;y have a phenomenal amount of toys, photos, videos, etc. There are those that have opted to include console games for their sexual pleasure as well.

Now, as artificial intelligence, cyberskin, and robotics march down this road, how long will it be before we will have to look at legal issues?


Currently in Washington, there are two or more parties; one the prostitute, and the john(s). The johns being the simple customer of the prostitute, fine. The prostitute must be a person to meet the other part of the crime. So if the pimp is offering up a bevy of robotic beauties, where is the crime? The viable objection to prostitution has always been the victimization of the sex worker. Once you take the person out of the equation, what do you have? Just the moral aspect of a married person? what is they are single?

To criminalize the act, you would have to make an AI robotic a person. That seems legally almost as intriguing as the ethical/moral aspects.

Are we ready to give computerized devices rights?


Wi-Fi projects

I have a project that I am struggling with.

It is a bit geeky.


The goal is to get pick up a wifi signal at a couple of miles from the source.

My expectation is that I will have a couple parts to this; a wireless router, a cantenna, and software to possibly break a wi-fi password.


For the cantenna, I am thinking about this:

I do not know what range I should realistically  hope to get.


Instead of a wireless router, I may go with a raspberry pi option


Ashley Madison – really?

Since the media is saturated, why not add my two cents worth?

As a cyber security professional I may view things a little differently.

So we have a site (others as well) that caters to cheating. Is it  a shock? It shouldn’t be, there are sites for pretty much everything.

As you probably already have gathered via that media saturation as the world things that this is FAR more important than any other world issue a site that is devoted to aiding people in cheating on those that they love. That site was broken into OR had an insider blow the whistle on the whole shebang.  At this point there are some clues that lead us to believe that the breach revealed far too much to be the result of a break in. That the data is too complete.

so we have:

  • a breech of security

The breach may have been an inside job, so that is an interesting series of bit in my feeds. (@Pissed0ffPirate (that is a zero) if you want to follow me on Twitter)

  • release of confidential material

We get to see a list of people who are not so smart. This list has people who never thought of the worst, are naive, or just plain dumb. We are seeing claims of those who claim that they were set up. I suppose that it is possible that they could have been, only the individual would know the truth.

  • suicides

As of today, I am aware of three suicides being attributed to the release of the data. Is this worth ending one’s life? (I think I have a suicide post around here somewhere) Why not either fix your relationship or move on and try for a new one?

  • lawsuits

We are seeing legal actions already starting. I don’t know how many of these will remain individual actions or if they will be forced into one or a few class action lawsuits.

  • sextortion

For those that made the decision to wander this path, and someone tries to extort or blackmail you… just fess up. Your spouse/significant other is going to find out. No doubt about it. Just step up and work through it. (you may have to end it, but at least you don’t have the stress or financial losses)

  • further relationship issues

At some point down the road, there will be studies and surveys that will show how many relationship and families were affected by this, but right now it is too early to tell.

  • potential FTC action

With Ashley Madison defrauding it’s clients with fake female accounts and poor cyber security practices will the FTC have a field day with their sorry asses?

Since the courts have just given the FTC that authority, I am expecting tremendous scrutiny and fines.

  • issues I have forgotten or did not think of

some of the data is showing 20 million guys checked their Ashley Madison email, but only 1492 women did… those are some really slim odds of getting tail. that tail also has to be really tired and like tossing that hot dog down a hallway. With the site creating a ton of bogus accounts to give the semblance of women to meet, it seems like plain fraud and dirty pool. Remember that I see quite a bit of spam for other sites and the names  and locations change for the women’s images. We know that there have been cases where pictures of women have been harvested from the web/facebook and used by these types of sites.

As a man, I have a pretty strong belief that any near average or better woman that would like to spend some time between the sheets (or on/in  a car, stairwell, rooftop, back yard, wherever) with a man, all they need to do is let it be known and they could even take auditions if they wanted.

Ethical question

We know that the MPAA and other organizations are trying everything within their power to stop piracy.

We also know that BitTorrent use is not easy to stop, deter, prevent, etc.

The Cyber Security industry has seen trememdous growth in Ransomware infections.
For those unaware, Ransomware is a type of malware that once it is active on your device, it will encrypt certain types of files (such as all MS Office files) and once it is ready, presents the user with a popup demanding X dollars in BitCoin or whatever method of payment to get your files decrypted.

When CryptoLocker came out, it stunned us with the briliance and visciousness. The folks behind CryptoLocker seemed honorable about decrypting the files once they were paid and did not return. The new breed of Ransomware authors are not as honorable in their craft. You may or may not get your shit back if you pay before the deadline.

Now here is where my question comes up…

What if the MPAA, et al were to infect bogus copies of their clients’ works and seed them out infecting the respective pirates’ machines. Perhaps not having a rason demand or decrypt.

Using the premise similar to when a driver is at fault for being t-boned simply because their license was suspended and therefore should not have been on the road at all. If you were not illegally downloading the files you woul dnot have become infected…

Does Microsoft need their wallet raped?

Microsoft is begging for an ambitious attorney to take them to task.

Can an End User License Agreement protect them from gross negligence?
I don’t think that it can.

Have you ever lost your internet connection and had Internet Explorer (or Windows) open up the Network Troubleshooter? When you flow through that set of tasks, you will find that they want you to “reset” your router or modem.

Warning, warning, danger Will Robinson! Any time you have to get a left handed metric paperclip out to reset a device you are on your way to a bad day. If you are not comfortable configuring a router, then put the paperclip away.

This is a really great opportunity to pay your technician for a quick and easy trip to your location. Resetting a router with the pinhole switch wipes the memory and puts it back to its “fresh out of the box” state.

There is NO reason for Microsoft to give that instruction. They failed int heir wording. Call it a powercycle (its proper name) or tell us to power off the router for 10 seconds, but do NOT tell us to reset it.

It is my sincere hope that Microsoft gets brutally wallet raped in court for this. It is costing the small businesses a bunch of money to send techs out to repair their mistake!

Are parents clueless about child predators on the Internet?


We see these stories all the time where kids have run off to meet up with someone that they were talking to online.

Why were the parents so far out of the loop?

There are plenty of tools to help with these situations, if the parents will actually PARENT their child.

Is this another case where “parents” are going all soft and spineless with their kids? Where we cannot invade the kids’ privacy?

Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?


As we go through our days, we are getting monitored to a much greater extent.

The cost of the hardware has been coming down at a very nice rate, so municipalities are finding it to be so cheap, why not deploy it. There is likely a bunch of money getting thrown around by the feds in the way of grants. (How much do We The People want to be paying for this? That may be a follow-up post.)

I think a great example of over use of cameras is Mill Plain Boulevard in Vancouver Wa. There are poles every 200-300 feet for a few miles.

That is flat out saturation and an assload of money spent as well as the cost of monitoring.

In many areas, you can be tracked for a majority of your day if you are in public spaces.

There are times like the “Big Game” where they actually man the cameras and use facial recognition software looking for, dead beat dads (who does anything about deadbeat moms?), people with warrants, etc (of course terrorists).