Artificial Intelligence and Sex

A couple of times a day as part of my job, I flip through my Twitter feed looking for the emergence of cyber security threats. Sometimes, some of the entertainment/technology feeds bring some fun topics. It is expected that very soon, 2025 I think, we will be faced with a… Continue reading

Wi-Fi projects

I have a project that I am struggling with. It is a bit geeky.   The goal is to get pick up a wifi signal at a couple of miles from the source. My expectation is that I will have a couple parts to this; a wireless router, a cantenna,… Continue reading

Ashley Madison – really?

Since the media is saturated, why not add my two cents worth? As a cyber security professional I may view things a little differently. So we have a site (others as well) that caters to cheating. Is it  a shock? It shouldn’t be, there are sites for pretty much everything…. Continue reading

Ethical question

We know that the MPAA and other organizations are trying everything within their power to stop piracy. We also know that BitTorrent use is not easy to stop, deter, prevent, etc. The Cyber Security industry has seen trememdous growth in Ransomware infections. For those unaware, Ransomware is a type of… Continue reading

Does Microsoft need their wallet raped?

Microsoft is begging for an ambitious attorney to take them to task. Can an End User License Agreement protect them from gross negligence? I don’t think that it can. Have you ever lost your internet connection and had Internet Explorer (or Windows) open up the Network Troubleshooter? When you flow… Continue reading

DNS Changer Malware

Did you get caught by it? Do you even know what I am talking about? If you are here, you are likely not affected by it now. The chances are good that you will not be involved nor will anyone that you know. We are only expecting 65,000 people in… Continue reading

Online Privacy

So we all know that “they” are gathering information about us, what we view, where we surf etc. There are laws to prevent me from hacking into someone else’s machine to protect their privacy and data right? Why are all of these websites permitted to drop data tracking systems onto… Continue reading

Is reality about to slap the shit out of Apple?

I know that some here are quite happy with their Apple products. It is also no secret my disdain for Apple, the typical Apple user’s attitudes, and Apple’s products. I think the only product that I have found useful and worth owning is the iPod.  After having being urged to… Continue reading

Are parents clueless about child predators on the Internet?

  We see these stories all the time where kids have run off to meet up with someone that they were talking to online. Why were the parents so far out of the loop? There are plenty of tools to help with these situations, if the parents will actually PARENT their child…. Continue reading