While fact checking a speech

Yes, I do perform fact checking. Not on everything, but items that seem too good/bad to be true. So, I was listening to one of the Lake Land protesters during the walkout the other day. She made the claim that the number one cause of death for kids was gun… Continue reading

Sextortion – are you aware of it?

As so many are flocking to cell phones and the ages of the users are getting younger, there is a topic that parents need to be aware of. Sextortion is a form of sexual exploitation that employs non-physical forms of coercion to extort sexual favors from the victim. Sextortion refers… Continue reading

When Protests Evolve Into Riots

We have been seeing far too many incidents where what starts as a peaceful protest, or vigil turn into horrible riots. I do not know why the mainstream media cannot devlop a damn spine and call the event what it is when it turns. Do they feel that they will… Continue reading

Have you checked out Nextdoor?

We have found an interesting app. It is called Nextdoor. (nextdoor.com) Gigglez and I have both loaded it. Part of what is interesting is that it brings neighbors together in common fronts. Sometimes it may be lost/found animals, sometimes crimes being reported. I also find it to be hopeful to… Continue reading

Guns and Society – Where are we and why?

One of my friends had a post on Facebook that I found quite interesting. This is a guest author piece by Chris Larsen.   Is it really this hard to understand that the reason most law-abiding citizens want a firearm that can hold 30 rounds is because it’s their right…..and… Continue reading

The Rule of Sgt Schultz

For better than a decade, I have been referring to The Rule of Sgt Schultz, or simply the Rule of Schultz. Some are puzzled by this phrase. To me it seemed pretty simple, but quite often we tend to think that all of our thoughts make sense. It is a… Continue reading


1%, 99%, whatever the percentage, we are all humans, citizens, consumers, or workers…   I grew up hearing that the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. I never expected the gap to grow as it has. The principle of capitalism is pretty simple. Determine a product or service and… Continue reading

Fallacy in Justice

  Paying a debt to society There is a concept that I heard all of my life in relation to people in of after prison. The phase “paying their debt to society” or “paid their debt to society” are bantered about. To this is a crock, that debt is much… Continue reading

Ashley Madison – really?

Since the media is saturated, why not add my two cents worth? As a cyber security professional I may view things a little differently. So we have a site (others as well) that caters to cheating. Is it  a shock? It shouldn’t be, there are sites for pretty much everything…. Continue reading

Where are our priorities?

The people have had enough of Bieber and his antics. It only took hours for a petition to get 200,000 signatures for his deportation. But on real issues… not being allowed to know what is being pumped into the earth to frak, knowing that it will end up in the… Continue reading