Shitlist nominee

State Senator Ed Murray
The Washington Dream Act must fail.
When does it become acceptable to reward CRIMINAL behavior?

Sir, I will gladly tout the need for your demise in the next election.
You and your supporters need to stop trying to aid and abet criminals.

Until we actually develop a fucking backbone, people will illegaly enter the United States and steal from our citizenry as well as those who come legally to make a better life for themselves and well as their family.

Just because we legalized marijuana does not mean that we are too stoned to see common sense!

Perhaps we need to take a closer look at your record for other crackpot legislation. Do you have a history of poor decision making?

I am for education, and I am for kids, but they need to be here legally. Once the individual gets a green card, we can talk about benefits. At this point the fact that they are not being departed is a hell of a benefit. Yes, I understand that it was their parents who broke the law initially.  If my dad, were to drag me along while he ran into a store to rob and store the store clerk, I would be facing life for felony murder. Why should they get off scott free? find them, deport them, and be done with it.

Why should we be saddled with 300-350 million dollars worth of expenses (for the next two years) so that we can educate the children of criminals?