Major over-reaction. Alot of flap about 50 Shades of Grey

Sometimes the headlines yield some odd bits, but can dovetail into a better bigger discussion. How many in our group and around have read 50 Shades? I know Gigglez has. At the beginning it looked like a case of bad publicity was good publicity. It seemed as though the books… Continue reading

Anderson Cooper is gay? – Do we care?

So another celebrity comes out of the closet. . . Do we care? Are we shocked? I suppose that there are many who do care, and are shocked, but I am not one of them. I wish him well as this is a tough move in a profession such as… Continue reading

Amnesty list

Do you and you significant other have an amnesty list? That list of people that if each of you were to fall in bed with it would be forgiven? Often the list is made up of celebrities. I think that these lists, are there to allow for fantasies and playing… Continue reading

What sexual postion do you ENJOY the most?

This is not a poll asking what position you use most often, but what gives you the most pleasure or satisfaction. Maybe the two are different, let’s find out.