Welcome to the After Dark group

Since the After Dark group (while private) still shows the name that we use on FB I fear that many are not ready to open up and really discussing topics that could be worth while. To help with this, I would like to open my website up for these discussions…. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence and Sex

A couple of times a day as part of my job, I flip through my Twitter feed looking for the emergence of cyber security threats. Sometimes, some of the entertainment/technology feeds bring some fun topics. It is expected that very soon, 2025 I think, we will be faced with a… Continue reading

Ashley Madison – really?

Since the media is saturated, why not add my two cents worth? As a cyber security professional I may view things a little differently. So we have a site (others as well) that caters to cheating. Is it  a shock? It shouldn’t be, there are sites for pretty much everything…. Continue reading

Erect Nipples – what do you think ladies?

Women know very well that many of us men get entranced by erect nipples. We become very easily distracted, have a difficult time maintaining our train of thought. The wonderbra and other padded bras like that really kill the joys of a chilly day. Nothing new there right? My question… Continue reading

Go Topless or Not?

Okay, this last Sunday was a day of Go Topless protests around the world. I have heard women of all ages, mid teens to well matured ladies, question why men (and many women for that matter) find breasts attractive. It is a good question, one that I do not have… Continue reading

Can homosexuality be an adaptive behavior?

Before I start, this is not a debate on being gay as a choice or birth in general. This is a discussion on a specific scenario.   I was in the “outdoors research center” at the office with a friend was relaying a situation with a relative. The relative (let’s… Continue reading

Sexuality discussion from Facebook

This topic comes to us from the Facebook page: I think we all know that it is far tougher for a lady to achieve an orgasm. There are some obvious mechanics that need to be fulfilled to allow the ladies to acheive what we men can achieve with ease, sometimes… Continue reading

Gay Marriage; States rights, federal rights, or human rights

By Eyes_open   As the Supreme Court takes on the issue of California’s Proposition 8, and the federal DOMA, and Jeb Bush weighs in that he believes marriage should be a states rights issue, where do you stand on the issue of same-sex marriage, and why. Is it a matter… Continue reading

Childhood sexuality – what is abnormal at four and five?

There is a case about a pre-school in California being shut down for lack of supervision. Okay I get that part, we must have our children watched properly. Let’s get something out there right off the bat… I am not advocating sexual abuse, let alone abusing kids. This disussion or… Continue reading