While fact checking a speech

Yes, I do perform fact checking. Not on everything, but items that seem too good/bad to be true. So, I was listening to one of the Lake Land protesters during the walkout the other day. She made the claim that the number one cause of death for kids was gun… Continue reading

Isn’t it interesting that facts get lost

Last week 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for a “bomb”. The media spotted the blatant racism and thrust him to the spotlight. The attention to overcome the horrible breaches of citizen’s rights was interesting to watch. Another point of interest was that the facts about the device seemed lost… Continue reading

One school shooting you WON’T see on the national stage or in the media.

The best way to deal with a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. http://bearingarms.com/good-guy-with-a-gun-armed-school-officer-stopped-arapahoe/   So why won’t the media give praise to this officer, when they are more than willing to condemn gun owners for one persons actions when it isn’t stopped… Continue reading

Paranoia May Destroy Ya!

How is it that we have become so paranoid that the word surprise has to take on a negative connotation? Obviously the situations in Connecticut, and Oregon have people concerned, and things like the Patriot Act show us what we do when we do not act carefully in stressful situations. We have… Continue reading

How is a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Racist?

Thank you FakingShock for this tip. http://portlandtribune.com/pt-rss/9-news/114604-schools-beat-the-drum-for-equity While Verenice Gutierrez was beating the racist drum, she almost made it to our Shitlist. She may end up there still, that depends on how this post turns out and how much I stew over it. The assertion is that simple words or… Continue reading

What has given school districts “power”?

When did school districts gain “power” and authority? Currently we are seeing them abuse their power by demanding pregnancy tests. Those who deny them the joy or those that test positive are excluded from their education. This screams problems on many levels from Title IX. Why is it an educational… Continue reading

Penn State – who will pay for this?

With all of the abuse, dismissive attitudes, and coverup at Penn State, should their football program be suspended for a year or two? Title IX appears to have an amendment called the Clery Act. The Clery Act makes sure that schools reports crimes that students involved students on or near… Continue reading

Should Affirmative Action for state university enrollment be continued?

This is more than should it have been used in the first place (kind of like the war in Iraq, we are already there (yes, I am aware we have withdrawn now)). This is whether or not we should keep affirmative action in schools. (Employment may be a question later)

Should product advertising and selling be permitted in public schools?

. This question includes ALL products other than meals in relation to the normal scholastic day. The PTA (PWT or whatever your school district calls it) does use products in fund raising. As long as it is kept separate from the scholastic activities I think it can be exempted from this discussion…. Continue reading

should teen dads be forced to stay out of sports or other extra cirriculars until the mother is back to school?

I think the title pretty much covers the question. Not much to add.