While fact checking a speech

Yes, I do perform fact checking. Not on everything, but items that seem too good/bad to be true. So, I was listening to one of the Lake Land protesters during the walkout the other day. She made the claim that the number one cause of death for kids was gun violence. Now, I do not agree with everything that they are trying to accomplish with this push. I do support a couple of items such as; less kids being killed, and their involvement in the process. (More on this later) Do I want kids to be getting killed? No.

So I pulled up the numbers and the little lass was wrong, the claim was false for every age group. The most recent chart is below for your review. For the moment, let me focus on the age group of the speaker, 14-24.  Homicide, Firearm is 2nd after motor vehicle accidents. Have you heard anyone push for vehicular safely? Even with vehicles being a third more deadly… When you combine the numbers from all of the age groups, where do you think homicide, firearm falls in? 5th place.

So let’s consider how business and life works. You seek out the fastest, cheapest, and effective method to bring the best results, right? If we were really looking to reduce juvenile deaths, we would take our eyes to the bigger numbers right? Well, drivers are not to be vilified, there are too many of them. God forbid we overburden the police by having them actually enforce the traffic laws. We would need to pay for more of them so that they could perform the job. Don’t get me wrong, I like to police. I just think that they have been refocused away from the community policing that we need to build the social structure that is conducive to respect for oneself and others. A great example of that was the pilot program in Vancouver WA that put cameras on school buses to catch drivers putting out kids in harms way while getting on or off the bus. Why was it called off? it generated too many citations. Wait, what?!?  Initially it would be a revenue generator, then as respect (or fear) built up, the drivers would pay more attention and the tickets would taper off with safer drivers. I know at least one local girl died in this manner, more than died in the county by school shootings in the last ten years.

There are 37000+ high schools in the US. How many have had a real shooting? No, I personally do not count the bullshit numbers being padded in such as a window getting shot by a punk with a BB gun. However for expedience, I will count the data in an unfiltered manner from 01/01/00 to 03/14/18.

There were 268 deaths and 386 injuries. Too many I know, but if you listen to the media and rhetoric then you would think that the number was in four or five digits.

Since the various levels of government have already permitted plenty of infringements to the second amendment, what will a very small amount more hurt right? It isn’t like I am going to pay attention to them. So let’s look at what may have some impact.

Good background checks, that are not as moronic as the no-fly list. There has to be due process to individuals being named. We have enough people listed on the no-fly because their name sounds foreign.

Mandated weapons security, safe, lock, other similar manners to keep arms limited to proper owners.

Illegal immigrants in possession of a firearm, immediate deportation after due process.


I am quite curious why suicide (in any manner) is listed as an “Unintentional Injury Death”. By the very definition of suicide, it is intentional and should not be included on this table. Another oddity in the results was that from 25-64 the leading cause was unintentional poisoning. No ideas there yet, but I found it notable.


Isn’t it interesting that facts get lost

Last week 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for a “bomb”.

The media spotted the blatant racism and thrust him to the spotlight. The attention to overcome the horrible breaches of citizen’s rights was interesting to watch.

Another point of interest was that the facts about the device seemed lost upon the media. Perhaps it would have detracted from the hyped story.

Yes, the school was stupid.

Yes, the police need to be sued shitless for their denial of access to parents for a minor in questioning.

But the device that he had was a clock that “he made”. Would it be a point of interest that it was just a commercial clock removed from its case?

He tucked the power cord in so it would “not be suspicious”. That is an odd thought for a young teen.

In the end, he has an invitation to the White House, Facebook HQ, and an engineering job offer at NASA in response to the electronic version of plagiarism.


On the criminal justice aspects I am behind the kid, as the police and school screwed the pooch on this. They MUST be held accountable.


One school shooting you WON’T see on the national stage or in the media.

The best way to deal with a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.



So why won’t the media give praise to this officer, when they are more than willing to condemn gun owners for one persons actions when it isn’t stopped quickly?

Paranoia May Destroy Ya!

How is it that we have become so paranoid that the word surprise has to take on a negative connotation?

Obviously the situations in Connecticut, and Oregon have people concerned, and things like the Patriot Act show us what we do when we do not act carefully in stressful situations.

We have a boy in Georgia who was going to surprise his classmates and in response he got suspended.

He had let a teacher know of his plans to come dressed as Santa Claus, so I find the school’s reaction to be inappropriate.

Principle Mike Campbell, shame the fuck on you! I thought that our school leaders were supposed to be level headed, not empty headed and reactionary.



How is a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Racist?

Thank you FakingShock for this tip.


While Verenice Gutierrez was beating the racist drum, she almost made it to our Shitlist. She may end up there still, that depends on how this post turns out and how much I stew over it.

The assertion is that simple words or phrases like “peanut butter and jelly sandwich” can be racist as some cultures don’t eat them.  Hmmm fucktard! That is not race, it is societal or cultural. There is plenty in the original article to find annoying but playing the race card over a PBJ… really? Kiss my ever-lovin’ white ass. Just because some regions eat pita bread, and others use tortillas, what does it matter? If I mention rice, am I slighting the Asian community?

Since they are looking to expose racism, lets talk about the program in her own school.

“Chuck Barber, who also offers boys’ drum corps at Vernon and Faubion schools in Northeast Portland, approached Gutierrez last year to start up a lunch-time drum class for black and Latino boys once a week.”

Wow, so there is a program for black and latino boys, and they don’t see the racism?

Nobody is seeing a Title IX issue?

Why is it okay to exclude the girls, or the other races? It isn’t.

The drumming program needs to be open to ALL, it is in a public school, Why will we tolerate racism in our schools? This is being done by a woman who is a certified “Coaching for Educational Equity” coach. Seems like she would see the problem. I think she is either blinded by her upbringing as a child of Mexican immigrants, or is perhaps racist herself. Maybe she is La Raza and find some entitlement there.

For those in the Portland Oregon area, raise hell. Let the Portland Public School District know that you do not support racism, and that they shouldn’t either.

What has given school districts “power”?

When did school districts gain “power” and authority?

Currently we are seeing them abuse their power by demanding pregnancy tests.

Those who deny them the joy or those that test positive are excluded from their education.

This screams problems on many levels from Title IX.

Why is it an educational issue if a young lady is with child, or cares about her personal rights?

There have been numerous overreaches overt he years. Normally they can get away with stuff if they can show that an issue will cause a distraction to the educational process.

In resent years we are seeing Tinker vs Des Moines being trampled. Kids can’t wear certain colors, or certain types of clothes. Certainly a bikini would be a distraction and is understandable for it to be banned. But a specific brand of jackets being banned, or sports teams? Really? Pull your heads out of your collectives asses and teach our kids to be reasonable people, not whiny little pukes.


Supplemental note:

I just found out that the ACLU’s threat to sue has halted this stupid action.


The topic still stands as it is not JUST about the one district, but the entire education systems lunacy.

Penn State – who will pay for this?

With all of the abuse, dismissive attitudes, and coverup at Penn State, should their football program be suspended for a year or two?

Title IX appears to have an amendment called the Clery Act. The Clery Act makes sure that schools reports crimes that students involved students on or near campus.

Can a large university such as Penn State survive the revenue cuts that it would suffer if it could not have it’s football team? Or worse, what if they lost ALL sports, or financial aid in its entirety?

The school needs something to ensure that they will not permit any kind of cover up like this in the future, but to what extent? How badly do the students and surrounding community needs to pay for this?

Any financial penalty will be carried by the students and their families. killing the football program will hurt the school and again the same population pays as well as the people and businesses around the school.

Should Affirmative Action for state university enrollment be continued?

This is more than should it have been used in the first place (kind of like the war in Iraq, we are already there (yes, I am aware we have withdrawn now)).

This is whether or not we should keep affirmative action in schools. (Employment may be a question later)

Should product advertising and selling be permitted in public schools?


This question includes ALL products other than meals in relation to the normal scholastic day. The PTA (PWT or whatever your school district calls it) does use products in fund raising. As long as it is kept separate from the scholastic activities I think it can be exempted from this discussion.

In my mind, I am seeing the issue with soda, candy, other junk food, or the pushing of a specific brand or product as the problem.

should teen dads be forced to stay out of sports or other extra cirriculars until the mother is back to school?

I think the title pretty much covers the question.

Not much to add.