Pushing the limits of respect

After I matured into a full fledged human being and learned compassion, I learned to treat people with a greater level of respect. Respect for me is earned, not just given. I tend to give a person a certain level of respect and what they do with it from there… Continue reading

Rest in Peace – Phyllis Diller

Ms Diller, you brought more laughter to me over my life than perhaps I deserved. Yet, you still delivered it to us all. She did not start her comedy life until after 40, but in the 55 years, she pioneered the territory for the female greats that followed her footsteps…. Continue reading

So Sad – RIP

It is an utter shame about what happened in a Colorado theater last night. To this point, we have not seen violence such as this in places of entertainment. Perhaps as all of his things are sifted through, we will be able to get a better understanding of how this… Continue reading

RIP – Andy Griffith

Another huge star has left us. Andy Griffith brought a great amount of joy over the years. His comedy routines were quite funny, his being a single dad (though heavily assisted by Aunt Bee) on tv, and the more serious acting and issues that he dealt with over the years… Continue reading

Donna Summer – RIP

Another sadness in the music industry…. Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco has lost the fight with lung cancer. She may have had her Last Dance, but we will remember her Hot Stuff for a generation or two. My mother was working for a theater when Thank God It’s Friday… Continue reading

Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys

I am saddened to hear the passing of Adam Yauch. One less Beastie Boy. . . Their Album Licensed to Ill was an anthem during my high school years. “Now my name is M.C.A., I’ve got a license to kill I think you know what time it is, it’s time… Continue reading

Rest in Peace Dick Clark

Rest in Peace Dick Clark Thank you for all of those years helping to form music as we know it. Thank you for helping bring News Years in with grand fashion and pleasure. You have been a fixture in the television/music industry for so long. Looking at the amount of… Continue reading

Trayvon Martin Bullshit

This seems to be an issue that is divided along a few lines. Race stance on guns stance on community involvement mandates on the police I have only read a few articles on the subject, so I am still assessing the situation. So many are upset that there has not… Continue reading