Is there a “War on Christmas”?

Why is there the belief that there is a war on Christmas?

Is it because people would rather say “happy holidays” to be inclusive? Remember Christians, you pillaged a tradition from a faith that you subsequently tried to exterminate.

When is the last time that you heard a Jew get offended when you said merry Christmas and not happy Hanukkah?

I did see issues with being people being directed to use “happy holidays”. That was until I stopped and THOUGHT about it with an open mind. I think it was Badcat that helped shine a light of education on the subject. Look at that, civil discussion CAN change minds.

I saw one Christian comment that they felt that cashiers should take the time to get to know your faith so that they could give the appropriate holiday wishes. I just want my duct tape, rope, and KY jelly… why do you want to hold up the entire line to have social hour when it could be a simple happy holidays?

No, there is no war against Christmas, there is however, a desire to be kinder people to all and to take others’ feelings into consideration.

Church and State – battle on the playground

This morning SCOTUS rules that the Missouri church should not have been denied a grant for recycled rubber playground surface for their playground.

The concern it seems was over the old church and state argument.

To me, this should not have been a concern as it was not an area of political influence.

Perhaps some of the questions of importance in the grant process should have been to determine if the public funds would benefit the public, and not just the kids in the daycare. If the playground was for the sole use of the public, it moves up the list. If it is only for the daycare members’ use, then it could still be considered, but after all of the public playgrounds have been dealt with.

Of course this could be rendered moot if the church was paying it’s fair share of taxes. If that had been the case, the only issue would have been, does this funding lead to any conflicts of interest or promotion of faith? If not, then why not.

Separation of church and state was only intended to make sure that neither side could influence the other. Sadly Christianity is unable to internalize the fact that this is not a Christian nation. We are to be a free nation, capable of enjoying any faith that we wish.

Why is it that people have to bash all faiths but their own?

Even I have been guilty of it, but have been much better about it in recent years.

I have a friend that I love like a brother and respect greatly who has been troubled recently. He has friends/near-friends that do not respect that he is a man of faith.

His “friend” sounds like an antagonistic atheist.

The antagonistic atheist seems to be one of the worst offenders in my book. They take a hard line position on something that neither side can prove or disprove, hence why it is called faith.

We all have our own beliefs, it is fine everyone… Just because you and I have differing beliefs there is no reason for us to be disrespectful to one another. Sure with a little luck and common sense, we can discuss or debate our beliefs, but it does need to be a consensual discourse.

Now I do make an exception (perhaps a double standard) when this comes to Westboro Baptist Church. I do know acknowledge their existence as a church. To me they are simply a hate group, therefore do not garner the same respect that I give other theological organizations.

I tend to stick to the teach not preach philosophy, if you want to talk about it fine, we can talk. If you cannot be respectful, then we should leave the subject alone. I have friends that I know that I cannot debate faiths with as they are too entrenched in their positions to have a meaningful exchange.  To me it is sad, but it is the way many people are so I just accept them for the friends that they are to me in other areas. I love them just the same.