Can homosexuality be an adaptive behavior?

Before I start, this is not a debate on being gay as a choice or birth in general. This is a discussion on a specific scenario.


I was in the “outdoors research center” at the office with a friend was relaying a situation with a relative.

The relative (let’s call her Lisa for simplicity) is a big girl.

She is also young, a minor in fact and she likes boys.

The downside is that her perception, real or not, is that her weight leaves her unattractive to those boys.

In this process of desire and lack of reciprocation she has decided that she is lesbian, bi-sexual at least.

This brought me to wonder if and how often people (I suspect predominantly women) choose by being adaptive to be gay.

While I am supportive of the community, I am not a member so I am quite a bit out of the loop. Perhaps some of our friends may have more insight to share on this.

Do you know people in this situation? (are YOU in a similar situation?)

Do they seem happy in general or does there seem to be a longing to spend their time and intimacy with someone of the opposite gender.

Has anyone seen any studies on this aspect of homosexuality?


Looking for Input on Plural Relationships

I have been seeing more and more of plural relationships.

I have no problem with how consenting adults choose to share their lives and bodies.

How many of you live in a plural relationship? Do you enjoy it?

Are you really consenting or were you more or less pushed to either do it or lose the relationship?

What are the best two aspects?

What is the one that you don’t like?

Truth in advertising

Yes I am a man…

Over the last number of years I have been noticing a trend in the bra market to enhance and take away from my enjoyment.

Ladies, you have what God gave you. A bra such as the Wonderbra may seem like a good idea, but remember when you take it off, you are still left with what God gave you.

These types of bras may give the appearance of a better shape or size which is fine if it makes you feel better about yourself. If it is done as an enticement, it is a let down when you finally get him home. More than likely he figured it out before you got to that truly intimate time though. I suspect that you wouldn’t like it much if you unzipped him and found his shape was simply a well placed athletic sock.

If you are wearing them as an enticement, keep in mind that we like to see a more natural motion. All that padding keeping the temperatures moderated… sigh… well we lose the pleasure of the unmentionable erect nipples that many (is not most) women find to be embarrassing. Now that may be an embarrassment that is born of (a feminine) societal pressure, and we have become accustomed to it. R101 will likely chime in on this, if not, I understand. 🙂

Of course there is the side that will take the stance that they are spoken for and they are not dressing for US, they are dressing for their men. Generally speaking, that is bullshit. We see it all the time, women dressing in a way that accentuated what they have, or the tiny dermal piercing at the top of their cleavage… Ladies, if you put that dermal piercing there, you no long have the right to bitch about my noting that it is there. Your cleavage at that point is on display with limelight.

Again, I am a man. I will enjoy the show that you put on for us. I will likely be discreet so that I do not offend. I am also known the quietly whisper into your ear that you look very nice, or attractive. It is not a come on, but an observation with no intent to creep you out or to be taken as sexual harassment.

Ladies, let the girls be who they want to be and who they are. More often than not we don’t care if they are large or small, lopsided what have you. We just enjoy them as they are. You can hide them if you like, but we would rather that you not.

Be honest with yourself, and the men who adore you how you are, whether you know they do or not.

It has been a busy day

Well we have been quite busy today.

Gigglez had to pull some overtime this morning, so she is grabbing a quick nap.
We had a baby shower to go to, which was actually on the same property that we needed to look at for our wedding.
After the shower we put down the deposit for the Luepke Center for our wedding and all ages reception.
Saturday November 3rd has been made official.
The officiant is working on the ceremony and it will likely be a blend of American Indian and Wiccan.

Now that we have a location, the real work can begin. I am assembling the guest lists.
The bachelor/bachelorette parties will be held on October 20th. They will be merged to a jack and jill party at the Back Alley for the second half of the evening. Who in their right mind wants to hold those the night before the wedding… silly kids just don’t know better.

While I am at the bar tonight for Tyger’s and my birthday party (we will be heading down at about 9) I will lock in the wedding date for the 21 and over reception.
More details as appropriate. . .


I was trying to keep the last few posts health related as we prepare for Food Revolution Day…
Lets call this relationship, sexual, psychological, and emotional health related.
For those of us that have been married or in serious relationships, we know that we need to keep things fresh.
We have to break out of our habits.
This weekend, Gigglez is stealing me away. (One of you knows where she is taking me)
I will be getting up not too long after this post hits the page.
She is not saying where we are going, she will give directions from the passenger seat.
My online calendar says that the event is a surprise and that the location is “not telling”.
Yes, I am quite excited for our getaway. There will be no electronics permitted except to listen for a phone call from Bree since she is returning from a band trip.
After we arrive at our destination, I will get access to my GPS for some geocaching, but I don’t know who much I will get to do.
To avoid any disappointment, my guess that we are entering a line dancing contest or that it is a Elvis impersonator contest is being accepted(I only like the Elvis classics and can go into that in more detail later if need be) The first night is mostly for her, and Sunday is for me… Who know, well an unnamed individual here knows and (thankfully) is keeping the secret.

So for the topic, what have you, your spouse, lover, significant other done to keep things fresh? It isn’t ALL about breaking furniture with your antics, what has been done to make sure that each of you is not getting tired of the same old routines?