Its Sheeeeeeple!

So here we see the government intruding into your lives and asking you to shed your rights yet again! This week it was Pennsylvania, and recently it was Texas.

There is a study to find out the statistics of drivers operating motor vehicles under the influence. Okay, I see some validity to the data to be collected. Just how voluntary is it if you are being required to be pulled over and coerced to provide a blood sample or cheeck swab?

Even if you do take the bribe err… incentive for the inconvienience. Are you going to get immunity from prosecution if you does have substances in your system?

Do you really trust that your DNA will not end up in a database somewhere?
If you do, have you not been watching the news, reading Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Bottom line, these “stops” are unconstitutional. Be civil, but I would suggest that you not yield your rights.

IRS claims it can read your e-mail without a warrant

Anyone for a forth amendment discussion? Does, or should, the government have the right to peruse individual’s e-mail accounts, and chat history, without cause or a warrant?

If they are allowed to continue this practice, how long before corporations are given the same “rights”?


By, Eyes_Open

Should it be legal to track personal cellular devices?

Recent article:

Should it be legal to track individuals through their personal cell phones without a warrant? Are the legal advantages worth the loss of loss of privacy rights? Is this a violation of existing laws?

I say the warrant system was put in place for a reason, the government should be required to use it as it was intended.

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

Should politicians lives be an open book, if so, where is the line?

Said Obama: “If you want to be president of the United States, then your life’s an open book when it comes to things like your finances.” In reply to Romney not disclosing ALL his income taxes for the last ten years.

But what about his own record? Delaying three years after his election before producing his birth certificate, and still unwilling to release his complete college transcripts, that he claims to be so proud of.

One of the biggest campaign platforms of the 2008 election was that he was going to give the American people the most transparent government they have ever had. But Obama has appeared to do just the opposite. And now he is insisting that his competition be more open than he has ever been willing to be.

Is the hypocrisy lost on most of the public? Is the general populaces attention span really that short?

Internet Defense League

We are launching an alliance with the Internet Defense League.
They have launched their efforts today.

At the top of the website today, you will find a banner that will allow you to join as well.
This is an extension of the SOPA/PIPA fight.

Online Privacy

So we all know that “they” are gathering information about us, what we view, where we surf etc.
There are laws to prevent me from hacking into someone else’s machine to protect their privacy and data right?
Why are all of these websites permitted to drop data tracking systems onto my drive?
Why is that NOT a violation of federal law? I did not permit them access into my machine.

SOPA version 2? Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

Well this week it is expected that the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act will hit the floor for debate and perhaps a vote.

Folks, you do not want this act to pass.

In my daily role as an Abuse Specialist, this act could provide me with further job security. I do not want job security this way. This is another invasive maneuver that is being pressed by big business not the best interest of the populace.

If you look down the list of supporters it is very curious who and why they are on the list.

Why does Facebook support this?

LOL Russia Today reports that “This is worse than SOPA”. When the Russians see it is bad, they have quite the measuring stick to use.

An anonymous Obama administration official told the hill… “the companies that run the Internet would no longer be accountable to the laws that protect privacy,” and could possibly “disclose very broadly, private sensitive information to the government.”

The bill is not really like SOPA, but it will screw us hard and we the people are tied of not getting dinner and kisses before we get fucked, let alone without lube.

Your Face Online

What causes an aversion to posting your own face, on an anonymous website?
With today’s technology, you’re video taped from the moment you leave your home, until the time you return. Then there’s the face to face. People see you. They see you at work. At play. Shopping. Driving. Oh the horror! The thousands of clicks on your Facebook pic. By friends of friends, of friends.. But few really are, friends. So why does the line get drawn, at a place such as here?

Going dark on the 18th

Okay SOPA and PIPA must not pass.


We are going dark for the 18th in support of the cause.

The chat room will still be open now that it is up.

I think most of us are familiar with SOPA and PIPA, but we could really use your help in expressing to our senators that we are opposed to it.

I am not clear as to the president’s intentions if/when it hits his desk.