Doing some house cleaning on the site.

Since this site has been up for so many years, I feel it is time to do some cleaning. There is a bunch of space being taken up that should probably just be purged. Part of this is in expectation that the site may need to change servers in the… Continue reading

Well, I broke her again.

As part of my daily job, I have to caution people to do frequent patching and updating on their websites. I do follow my own teaching with one exception. My WordPress theme was badly out of date. It was several years old, but due to how much slicing and dicing… Continue reading

Cyber attacks

It is quite fun to watch cyber attacks in action.   I monitor¬†¬†throughout the day. It has also prompted an update on the site. Global access has been closed to non-US IP addresses. This should limit a bunch of the attacks that I see in my logs. China and the… Continue reading

Let’s get active again

So my mind is showing signs of life. I need to write in order to kick my work brain into off work brain for my sanity. What kinds of topics do you WANT to see posted? I will of course toss out stuff that I find interesting for therapeutic reasons,… Continue reading

The website is moving hosts

Over the next week, I have to move the website off of it’s current host. Merval is getting ready for a baby and is needing to streamline his budget. Part of the streamlining is to scale back his internet connection. This means that I will be moving the site back… Continue reading

Time to review the website layout again

You know that every year or two, I start thinking about tweaking the page. Sometimes I think about scrapping it.   What do you like about the site? What don;t you like?   Have you seen a WordPress theme that you like and think I should look at?   Are… Continue reading

Working on an issue

Checking to see if everyone is now seeing the NEW post correct and that the comment track as they are supposed to.   We think it is fixed form here forward.   The previous posts/comments may be stuck in a borked state.

Done with Livefyre

I have been trying to for a couple weeks to get my xml file with the comments imported to Livefyre. Since I would have to trash all of my comments, I am not going to keep the product. It may be an issue where I am getting what I paid… Continue reading

Livefyre profanity list

Just in case you were wondering about what is a profanity (no I do not have it enabled for filtering) on a Livefyre system, well here is the list:   “sharf”, “son of a bitch, $40,000,000.00 in illegal, *(c)0(c)k*, *(c)0ck*, *God damn*, *australia.blogspot .com*, **, *ballsack*, *besthottestwallpapers*, *blow job*, *blowjob*,… Continue reading