The U.S. – Mexican Wall

There was a number of years where I was a proponent of building a wall to secure our Southern border.  Over the years, I have read and discussed the subject more. My position on the matter has shifted somewhat. I still see the need for the wall, but not as… Continue reading

Presidential Pardons

While we have a world class putz in office and the other three houses controlled by the same party, I do not expect any change. Not to mention that the slimiest party (when it comes to people vs corporations/political party) being in power. This is something that needs to be… Continue reading

Which administrations have had the most resignations or indictments?

This post will take some time to refine the data. The title really is the desired information. My initial thoughts are that this will show the GOP as the most corrupt. It could be enlightening, let us see huh? Trump Obama Bush (W) Clinton Bush (HW) Reagan   here is… Continue reading

GOP Hypocrisy

Time and time again we hear the GOP preach that they want a smaller government and fiscal responsibility. I would love to see either of those tenets to be true. I just have not seen it yet. Each GOP administration has expanded the government. We are still early in Cheeto… Continue reading

North Korea begs for decimation

Isn’t it interesting that the North Koreans are trying to claim that T-Rump declared war? I am guessing that the supreme leader does not allow for education, let alone the subject of history. It was after all the North Koreans that declared war by invading South Korea on June 25th,… Continue reading

Favorite Nicknames for Trump

Gathering a collection of nicknames for Donald J. Trump. Cheeto Von Tweeto Orangatan in Chief Cheeto-dusted Führer Tangerine Tyrant I did stumble onto this list: The Donald — Ivana Trump (she first used the term in a 1989 Spy Magazine cover story) Lord Voldemort — Rosie O’Donnell Golden Wrecking… Continue reading

When Protests Evolve Into Riots

We have been seeing far too many incidents where what starts as a peaceful protest, or vigil turn into horrible riots. I do not know why the mainstream media cannot devlop a damn spine and call the event what it is when it turns. Do they feel that they will… Continue reading

How exciting can election night get?

Just before Trump became the presumptive nominee for the GOP, I started putting together a prediction for a four candidate general election. The expectation was both conventions would be screwed; Clinton would be the Dem nominee, and Cruz on the GOP side after they party pulled some shenanigans. Now, I… Continue reading

Amnesty vs Path to Citizenship – We Cannot Afford Either

We have seen the fight between the politicians and the citizenry over the issue of illegals. I am not going to with some wimp assed semantecs over illegal vs undocumented alien. Other than to call them what they are; aliens who are here illegally, hence the phrase. So we have… Continue reading