The Executive Order and Abuse of Power

Executive orders and their abuse.

Yes, I have posed the question a couple times before, but I am afraid that it did not generate enough debate to adequately discuss the positions.

Here is a quick refresher..

Where is the check and balance?
Our forefathers had a strong foundation built into our government that required that each branch to have checks and balances again each other.

We have three branches, right?
If the legislative branch over reaches it’s power, the judicial branch steps in an invalidates the abusive acts or sections that are abusive.
When the judicial branch is out of the line, the legislative branch sends bills to the executive branch to change the law.
The executive branch has veto power to prevent bad laws from hitting the books.

The executive branch has another power, that really doesn’t have a check; the executive order.
The executive order has no basis in law, it was not a power granted by neither the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, nor the Declaration of Independence.

Past Presidents have decided that this power is implied by the founding documents.
Executive orders do not apply to the citizenry, but only apply to governement entities.
This is like the way that congress has its tantrums over Presidential actions by defunding the area that they don’t like.

Since I am only one person, with limited time and resources I am calling out for examples of executive orders that are abusive in nature.
As I scratch the surface, it looks like there is much more abuse by way or memos and directive than by executive order.
Perhaps that is because the executive order is far too open to the public.
This Presidency was suppsedly pushing for governmental transparency. That appears to be another typical campaign lie.

When Obama was elected, I has posted that I would call it like I saw it if he turned out to be a poor President.
I have decided that he is not an effective President. Some of it is not his fault, but many other areas are.



Wait, what?

So the government shutdown has no problem spending money to keep people out of parks and other resources during this shut down… but has no problem with granting a permit to let the damn illegals construct a stage and use the National Mall for a rally/protest to demand amnesty and rights?


What the hell kind of bullshit is this?


Of course with the current illegal loving government, even if there weren’t a shut down, nobody would have the balls to round up the illegals and ship their asses back to their countries of origin.

I find the tactics to force the citizenry to give a shit about the shut down to be stunning. All the various services being blocked that may cost more to block than to allow pedestrian traffic. Why should sections of the open sea be closed to fishing?

Are you really going to tell the Border Patrol to stand down and just permit illegals free flow across the borders?

To me that seems actionable. I find THAT to be grounds for impeachment. Kind of funny coming from a non-tea party member right?

Kind of funny coming from a former Obama supporter. I said years ago, that I would call it like I saw it and if Obama proved to be a problem, I would call him out on it. Welcome to that day…

Mr President, it is becoming more clear that you have some sides of you that SUCK!

No, I do not think I would change my votes if I have the chance as I still think he was the lesser of the evils. Some things were good but the more we see  of his second term, the less I care for him.

Federal Government Making A Huge Power Grab

By Eyes_Open

The federal government has once again made a huge power grab to expand federal powers over the states. They are, as I type, in the process of removing the power of sheriffs across the country to arrest people and to act as law enforcement.

Delaware has already submitted to this ploy. But with Delawares AG being Joe Biden’s son, what would you expect? This is the next step towards martial law and complete take over of the federal government.

And we’re on to our next challenge!

By Eyes_Open

Seems North Korea is at it again.


And I will reiterate the last paragraph;
When an unstable communist dictator openly threatens to nuke you, what is the proper response. I’m especially interested in the opinion of left-wingers who reflexively dismiss any sort of aggressive response as only making the situation worse. Fine. What would you do? Pay them a king’s ransom? Ignore them and pray they’re not serious? Go to the Chinese (you might want to bring some money, since we owe them a little) and ask them to get the kid under control?


Being moderate, I try to steer away from total destruction. And I’d like to see us (the US) get out of other countries’ business, but this time it is a direct threat on us. We invaded the middle east because of an indirect threat, what will we do to counter this direct threat?

Why the hype about guns?

Ever since Obama was first elected there has been a ton of hype about how he would take away our guns.

We saw runs on ammo as well as an increase in arms sales.

Why the hype?

Is there any foundation to the hysteria?

I cannot tell you how many times I got an email about how he was banning this or that.

Have you seen any changes in the firearms that have been available? How about accessories?

Didn’t some of the Brady Bill expire under his watch allowing larger magazines to be purchased again?

Executive Orders – revisited

I know that we have discussed this in the past, though I do not remember the depth that we went into.

There was an email that was sent out fairly recently that went off the charts at and Snopes.

The email claims that Obama has issues over 900 executive orders. When you read the following links you will find that somebody’s pants may be on fire…


On a number of occasions I have questioned where the Constitutionality of the Executive Order. I do not question that the President has this power, but I do not see where the check and balance is.  Yes, he is the Chief Executive and is capable of instructing his departments on how they are to do their jobs and that is what the Executive Order is to be used for. Now Executive Orders are not to break existing legislation. But do they? when have they done that?

FDR – 3,728 Total Executive Orders Issued

Harry S. Truman – 896 Total Executive Orders Issued

Dwight Eisenhower – 486 Total Executive Orders Issued

JFK – 214 Total Executive Orders Issued

LBJ – 324 Total Executive Orders Issued

Richard Nixon – 346 Total Executive Orders Issued

Gerald Ford – 169 Total Executive Orders Issued

Jimmy Carter – 320 Total Executive Orders Issued

Ronald Reagan – 381 Total Executive Orders Issued

George Bush – 166 Total Executive Orders Issued

Bill Clinton – 364 Total Executive Orders Issued

George W Bush – 291 Total Executive orders Issued

Barak Obama – 135 Total Executive orders Issued