Free Trade

Just what does free trade mean to you? Does it mean, a globalized way for someone else to take your job? It is one of thoughts that crosses my mind when I think of it. Go ahead, tell me that I need to run for office… read my blogs from… Continue reading


Well, there was an announcement of further cutback at Earthlink today. Major pain for their families, over 900 people losing their jobs nationally. My heart really goes out to them. For those who may find their way to this blog… you guys are in my prayers, I know the feelings,… Continue reading

Illegal Immigration

Those that know me, know that I am not a racist… While I may know and tell off color jokes. HOWEVER with that said, I must say that regardless of nationality, I am not willing to tolerate illegal immigration. I do not care what nation they have come from, I want… Continue reading

A Little Something

Wow… I have not written in quite a while. I noticed that the other regular (well frequent, perhaps regular is not a good adjective to use in their case (and yes, you know who you are)) writers have also been quiet. I do so miss the daily interaction that NEN… Continue reading

Memorial Day and Patriotism

Ok, time for a little change of pace for a few minutes. We, in The United States of America are celebrating Memorial Day weekend. So, just what does that mean? This weekend, the customary celebration will consist of tossing red meat on the barbecue  listening to one’s music of choice, perhaps… Continue reading

How Funny

For those who have been reading along as I have started writing these entries, you know that I VENT here… that this is my mental therapy room. I can say anything i want and my friends can let me know if I am on target or just whacked out of… Continue reading

What a Sad Day

Well yes it is a sad day indeed… We the call techs of the New Edge Networks Technical Assistance Center in Vancouver Washington are now officially extinct. We have been outsourced to other call centers, one for the time being in the Texas, and the more permanent site in the Phillipenes. We have been… Continue reading

What an Ouch

While reading my son’s bulletin I was pretty hurt… what I read was this: 40) Who is your daddy? and what does he do? hmph! who gives a rats ass? he couch surfs last I checked ouch. yes, I was couch surfing for over six months while I paid his… Continue reading


So why is the following little line of code so powerful? 09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88-C0 oh yeah.. now I remember… DRM doesn’t want us to have it. Why? Because it will unlock a protection scheme. Yes it will allow you to make the backup copies that you are entitled to under the law…… Continue reading

Another Chance at NEN

An interesting development today. I guess while I was out at perhaps the MOST boring class I have ever had, one of the TnT guys was asked to spend a little more time with his family. For those who are not aware of the joke… many of our politicians who… Continue reading