The U.S. – Mexican Wall

There was a number of years where I was a proponent of building a wall to secure our Southern border.  Over the years, I have read and discussed the subject more. My position on the matter has shifted somewhat. I still see the need for the wall, but not as… Continue reading

Should Illegals Be Shocked Upon Deportation?

With the new shift in deportation, we saw the Latino community flip out when a woman who was in the US since 14 was deported. This is one sample case: When a person knows that they are in the US illegally and have been for a long time, I… Continue reading

Immigration, both legal and illegal, is bad for the economy and job growth.

A study by the Center for Immigration Studies, as reported by the Washington Post, has echoed reports done during the Reagan administration, proving that immigration is bad for the economy. All job gains since the year 2000 have gone to immigrants, while native born worker unemployment numbers continue to increase…. Continue reading

How do we help Mexico fix itself?

We have major problems in this country with illegal aliens. The largest source of illegals appears to be Mexico and her Southern neighbors. With the various governments being so corrupt, how do we help them straighten themselves out? Obviously we cannot afford to be throwing money around, but would we… Continue reading